Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Handy Hubby

Just thought I would dedicate a post to my hubs since it seems that 99% of what fills this blog is me and the pregnancy lately:). Meanwhile Joey is a very, very busy guy too and I was finally around to get pictures of him hard at work. This past week Joey hung a bath and hand towel bar in our guest bathroom and ran all over town shopping with me until I found the right ones. We have been here almost two years and haven't had either in there. It was lonnnng overdue! I get stressed out trying to hang things perfectly straight and measuring super detailed stuff is overwhelming for me. Joey thrives off of that kind of thing. I am so grateful that He can get this stuff done for me! Joey also built our little girl's crib this past week. Lastly, he moved a humongous new office furniture set up a steep flight of stairs with the help of a friend and had to set everything up all over again. It looks so much better than the previous office set and he is so happy with it and so am I. His office is pretty sharp eh:). Not to mention that my hubs also hung our Christmas lights today and planted two bushes in our front yard to replace the ones that were dying. He is such a hard working guy! Thanks for all you do babe! I appreciate you so much!


  1. I love the picture of Joey putting the crib can tell he is so excited about his little baby girl. :-)


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