Friday, October 8, 2010

Daddy and His Little Girl

Joey has been SO supportive of my efforts to pursue photography as a side career. He's been tagging along with me to as many of the photo sessions as he can and keeping Daisy entertained while I snap away. This picture just cracks me up because it always looks so funny to me to see a baby just hanging off the front of someone's chest. Don't get me wrong I wear Daisy in the Bjorn all the time and think nothing of it but, when I see her in a picture like this I just can't help but laugh...especially when it's proud Daddy who is carrying her! hehe Pink pearls and all!

Below: Daisy loves to sleep in bed with Daddy and Mommy every morning for about an hour and a half. Daddy always goes and gets her out of her swing when she wakes up and brings her in bed and puts her between us. If I get up before him he often will hold on to her leg so she can't roll off even though she is very far from the edge and never rolls. He takes such good care of his little girl!
I thought it was long overdue to do a post just for Daddy and his mini-me. Seriously, Daisy is his clone in so many ways. She is going to have Daddy's brown eyes (still changing at this point), she has his face shape, smile and nose. I just told Joey tonight while we enjoyed a LOVELY date together at Olive Garden without Daisy (sorry Daisy but, you can't sit for even 10 minutes quietly so we can't go out to eat with you) that I love how God has listened to me and blessed me with some of the silly desires of my heart. I always wanted to marry a the beach, the clothes, the tans, the laid back feel of it all...God blessed me with an amazing surfer (granted we moved away from the beach so now he is a fisherman but, still...)! I also used to pray and tell God how neat it would be to have a daughter who looked like her Daddy and I wanted her to have his brown eyes. Silly yes, and if it didn't happen of course it would be okay but, I love that God hears us and sometime even the silly things seem to come to pass!

On a side note: Our nanny did not show up to work the past two days and she hasn't called so I have no idea what happened It is very unfortunate and frustrating but, I do really like the girl and she was excellent with Daisy. I have nothing bad to say about her but, I simply would like to ask that you pray that I am able to find another nanny as soon as possible because I need to be able to work and I already had to take Thursday off and Joey took most of Friday off so that I could work. What a guy huh! God has his plans so I'm just trying to follow along....

Daisy, your Daddy loves you to pieces little one!


  1. Aww, what a great post...not the nanny part, but the rest of it. I'll be praying about the nanny situation. I can't wait for the time to come when you guys can look back at this time in your life and say, "oh! So that's what God was doing!" :-) Hang in there and cast those burdens on Jesus!

  2. This post is so sweet. Cute pictures. So sorry about the nanny. That is really weird. Praying you will find a new one soon.

  3. Love the Daddy's Little Girl pics! So sorry to hear about your nanny. I wonder what happened? I hope you are able to get another one very soon!!!

  4. those are some great pictures! Joe is a proud dad and it is fun to see him be one:-) So awesome how supportive he is...gotta love the guys! Also glad you have that family time in the precious:-)

  5. So precious! I'm sorry to hear about the nanny. That has to be frustrating.

  6. There is always something so beautiful seeing a dad with his little girl/girls. <333

    God is such s loving father that he will give us the desires of our hearts, even the littlest things! You have a beautiful little family!

    I will pray for an amazing nanny for you guys ;)

    Happy saturday!

  7. Great pictures and I have a daddy's girl on my hands as well. So sorry to hear about your nanny! Mine was amazing and I miss her. Hope it all works out

  8. Sweet pictures!

    I can't believe your nanny! Oh Casey, I swear if we lived near each other, I'd take her in a heart beat!


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