Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Thinking.....(uh oh)

I'm thinking that it's so nice that my little girl can sit on a blanket on the floor and I can feed her without a bib or a high chair because she only eats jar food and isn't messy at all. I'm cherishing this simpler time because I know it will not be long before she is throwing her food all over the place and ruining our carpet. hehe

My hubs and I were bummed to see that Courtney Cox and David Arquette have separated. Why? Because from what we had read of them in the past they seem committed to sticking together and working through things in their marriage. No, we are not surprised and no, I personally have no faith in Hollywood marriages but, it's still sad. Honestly though, marriages are hard work and they require a lot of TLC. I often think of how hard it would be for an alcoholic not to drink if they were sitting in a bar...same too for a marriage to stand up against the strain of Hollywood would seem that these things are virtually impossible.

As we have all heard before, there is nothing like experience to give you a true understanding of something. I have a whole new level of compassion for people who are struggling in great debt. No, we are not currently in great debt but, we are constantly going one step forward and two steps back. I get an unexpected comission check and then the hubby has a root canal that is minimally covered by his insurance. Hubby gets a great raise and then all of that money goes towards the nanny each month instead of bills. I'm not complaining, just shelling out the facts. A lot of our debt is debt we chose to be in, a home loan, car payments, school loans etc. but, then again a lot of our debt we didn't have as much of a choice in: medical bills, dog surgery (yes we had a choice but you know what I mean), family weddings out of state, higher property taxes, car problems, a broken house AC unit in the south...(we could choose to die but lets be serious now). I would love to pay off all of our small loans and to get us into a position where we could live on less income and save more but, how does one do that if all the extras go towards unexpected bills? That being said, I am so thankful to the Lord for life lessons. There is nothing I appreciate more than having more understanding and compassion for others. It's easy to be critical when we haven't walked in someone's shoes but, boy once you've walked in them it's a whole new ball game. So many people have lost their jobs in the past few years at no fault of their own. Then they couldn't make their house payments anymore and lost their homes and then life just continued to spiral out of control with more and more debt. Oh how my heart breaks for any of you who have or are going through this now. Have you been taught any valuable life lessons lately?

I'm wondering why in 2010 with all of our knowledge and technology do we still not have a "cure" for people with really bad TMJ. Yes, there is the option of surgery but, from what we have personally heard and read, it is by no means a cure and often the people still suffer with great pain after wards. My poor hubs has tried just about everything that a person can do for TMJ short of the surgery and neither he nor myself want to go that route because there is a high chance of the surgery not working at all. I am curious how much research is currently being devoted to the study of TMJ and a solution??

I'm thinking that it's always a bummer when a favorite TV show comes to a close. It's like losing a best friend that you have laughed and cried with for a good few years. Sigh. What TV show has been the hardest for you to say goodbye too?

Coming home from the grocery store only to find out that your new carton of milk has a whole in it and has leaked all over the back of your car and all over you when you pick the bag frustrating. Or when you bring home a nice bundle of cilantro for some yummy homemade salsa and realize that the cilantro is actually brown and nasty smelling in the bag. Do you spend gas money to return these small purchases or do you just eat the loss and purchase these things again the next time you go to the store??

I'm interviewing a potential nanny this evening and I'm hoping that this gal will be right for the job as she is the only responder so far. It would be great to get back into the groove! I'm thinking that daycare is probably a more reliable route to go for childcare. I just never wanted to go that route because I work out of my home and I didn't see any need to send my child off to a daycare when I am home all day. I might as well reap the benefits of seeing her cute face on my breaks...I am paying for it after all! I am very blessed to have the job that I do and to be able to have my daughter watched in my home. I'm incredibly thankful!!

Why do spiders exist in such ugly form? Ewwww. The creep me out so bad. We had a monstrous spider in our front bathroom the other day and it decided to perch right over the door and I was stuck inside the bathroom. I think I have a phobia of spiders because the thought of walking under the door frame and that spider possibly falling on my head made my heart race, my face got all hot and my body was tingling. I think I ran under the door squealing the entire way. Ya, you could say that spiders are to me what kryptonite is to Superman! haha

Now you are up to speed with things mulling around in my head at the moment. Aren't you luck! :-)


  1. Hey lady!

    So, I have learned that material things are not everything, and that the things we do have are not really ours their Gods and he can take anything away at anytime, But He can also double everything we have 7 times better! We just have to put Him first and anything/everything else will be added. Sometimes it's hard to lose things we worked so hard for, but that hardship will only make us stronger. =)

    My husband and I really dont watch many shows, but we do like watching the bachelor/bachelorette! haha! We also like American Idol. ;)

    With the grocery thing, I just get it the next time. With two girls and a frustrated mommy its better that I stay home and cool off! lol

    I hope you find a great nanny to watch your precious little angel!

  2. I wish I could just hug you right now in one of those hilarious bear hugs you used to give me where you wouldn't let go just to see how awkward it could get, remember that? Oh how I love you Casey and I am so grateful to have a friend like you who shares so much of my own souls struggles, triumphs, and feelings.

    I quoted this from you: "I would love to pay off all of our small loans and to get us into a position where we could live on less income and save more but, how does one do that if all the extras go towards unexpected bills?" Because that's how I feel. We're technically making enough now with Mike and I working, for me to get CLOSE to not working, but then our truck breaks, our fridge breaks, my 100% coverage dental doesn't cover near that much, etc. And I find myself in that struggle where I hear so many people say "If you don't have the money, you can't get used to it" to argue one parent being able to stay home and surviving off less, but in situations like this what would we have done if we didn't have the extra income? So I remain uber grateful (but still sad sometimes) to have a job with medical coverage for at least me right now, and that Mike has a job as well.

    About TMJ, I agree. I had never even HEARD of it until you mentioned it and I think thats a fault in itself. Why are more people not aware of it and why isn't there more being done for a cure?

    Also, you could luck out with feeding Daisy and she could hate to be dirty like Brayden tends to be. I have only had to deal with a handful of "food messes" with him because of that!

    Spiders, I had a WOLF spider in my office yesterday, but more importantly on a stack of documents that I had just picked up. I threw the documents on the desk and ran sceaming to the office next door to have a man that works there come over and kill it. No joke. It was as big as a quarter!

    And shows...thankfully my shows haven't ended yet...but when they will...I think I will be sad too!

    And I'm going to email you about daycare :)

    Oi vey how I miss you lovely ladies! Praying for your nanny appt this evening and for you guys in general!

  3. I understand the money thing completely! A couple years ago, we lost everything we had on the home we had ought with another couple. It was a shock to my system not having a large emergency fund. We were given some money by my grandparents, but that all went towards my unexpectected pregnancy with Mikayla - for which I had no insurance! Now, we're barley keeping our heads above water, sometimes not even that! Definitely have learned not to rely on money and not to waste or take for granted!

    Now, as an idea, do any of your friends who have kids around Daisy's age have kids and stay at home? A lot of times friends with one kid are a great source of childcare! (Don't usually charge as much yet they're getting personal attention and are being raised how you would do it yourself!

    While I have favorite tv shows, I never really care when they end. I'm usually over them by the time they come to the end :)

    I just deal with the bad groceries :( After a tiring shopping experience, last thing I want to deal with are returns!

  4. I am so sorry about everything you are going through. Praying for you. Hope you can find a nanny soon.

  5. did I miss this blog entry??? Sorry I have been so busy that I got so far behind! I feel like I am taught valuable lessons often but often, I miss out on the valuable lessons an experience can teach me. My Humanistic professor did teach me 2 yesterday. (Really good class yesterday)!!! I wrote a paper for an experiment we had to do. I was to write everything that I was feeling at the moment. Well, my mind went apeshit and I started crying so I wrote, "Nicki, stop crying!" He wrote a comment in the margin, "Why would your judge tell you to stop crying when you are crying in the present?" He is right. I shouldn't let "my judge" tell me my emotions are wrong and to stifle them. Also, I wrote, "there is a glare on my glasses that is annoying the crap outta me." He wrote, "perhaps you can take interest in the glare instead of annoying yourself." Again...I make myself annoyed. Nothing can make me feel a certain way. It is how I internalize things that make me feel certain ways. Realizing that made me feel empowered that I really do control things more than I thought and that things don't have to be so bad if I can find ways to work with what I have.

    I am really sad that I never get to watch The Big Bang Theory anymore. Is it on and I am missing it or was it cancelled?

    It depends on my mood if I return things or not. Sometimes I am feeling gracious and say, "crap happens" and throw it away and not give it another thought. Other times I am feeling feisty and raise Holy Hell. Is Hell Holy? Um, I think not. Why is that even a saying?

    Lastly, clearly these nannys have not seen your precious Daisy!!! How could there NOT be people lined up at the door for an interview?? I worked in a daycare center for 9 years and I have to say that if the center is accredited and a good center, it can be wonderful for the kids. But as a parent, I really wanted my babies to be home with me. Tough call and I can appreciate the conflicted feelings you are experiencing with all of this! I will pray for answers for you! daughter and hubbie have TMJ but it sounds like your hubbie has it way worse. I will pray for him too!!


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