Monday, October 18, 2010

Editing a Picture

We went to a really cute pumpkin patch farm this weekend and I enjoyed snapping a few pictures of Daisy but, somehow forgot to get a single picture of her sitting amongst the pumpkins which was the whole point of going. Classic. I found a website recently that has some freebie actions and I decided to use this particular picture to try out all 8 actions. The bottom picture is actually done in a very basic edit and is a very natural looking picture. The top picture is edited with the melancholy action. I think both pictures serve a purpose depending on the mood I am going for etc. I'm not sure what is going on with my resizing program but, it is messing up my pictures when I upload them so I apologize for the fuzziness of the pictures. I have a few actions that I love to use on almost all of my pictures but, every now and then I'm inspired to try something really different and out of character for my style and sometimes I end up being pleasantly surprised. Editing is fun but, as a photographer I really have to hone in on my style and stick with it so customers know what to expect...hard to stick with a style when my own tastes are constantly changing! haha.

As I mentioned a couple posts ago; Daisy is still going through her worst teething spell to date. She is soooooo miserable. She fusses constantly, drools, has diareah, snotty, wakes up a ton at night and rubs her face all the time. I thought all of the teeth were coming in on top as that was all that I saw when I checked last week. Then today I checked and no joke she has a tooth completely in on the bottom. Where the heck did that one come from? On top of that tooth she still has about 3 more or so coming in on top. My poor baby is teething so fast and so early and she is trying to hard to get through this. I've been giving her tylenol and it seems to be the best remedy at this point. Hope they all come in soon!

More patch pictures to come...


  1. I'd love to hear about the free editing program you use, and also the one you use on your computer too :) LOVE these shots!

  2. go back to the patch! I want to see Daisy with the pumpkins :)

  3. too cute Daisy! I agree with finding your nitch in editing...I usually end up finding a edit I like but then don't remember how I got there! HA! I can't believe how many teeth she is getting! So crazy! Now you know for your next kid what to expect! I hope they come in quick and ease up on the pain!

  4. Casey, I love your header picture!!! BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! Love Daisy's solo too!

    Poor little munchkin... have you tried those teething pills? I have never tried them, but I hear they help out a lot. ;)

  5. I've heard that highlander's teething tablets work the best. They just kinda melt over the gums. Seth was too young for them, and Brandon and Mikayla don't seem to need them. You might try though! I'm pretty sure they're for four months and up!
    Cute pictures! Can't wait to see more!
    Love the new family pic!

  6. Does she not like Orajel? Poor Daisy. I left you a message about going to the fair tomorrow night. Hope you can make it!

  7. I think your edit looks great and I love the new header picture!


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