Monday, October 18, 2010

Daisy's First Pumpkin Patch

Hey what do you know...I actually got ONE picture of Daisy with a microscopic pumpkin! Yeah!
The normal family photo....

And then there are these....(below)
Can I just say that I LOVE this picture of me and Daisy (below). Just need to crop someone out! lol

WE couldn't stop laughing at Daisy's little chubby face in the hole. She was too stinking cute! Trust me, you would have been rolling if you coulda seen her in person.
Grandma and her Daisy Bean.
Daddy and His little girl. Daisy was being such a ham while we took these pictures with her on these hay stacks. She was all smirks and smiles. A crack up!

Auntie Jess loves her Daisy bean!

Photography Friends: How do you go about resizing your images for blog use? I've done it several different ways but, am never happy with the results. What program or size is standard for you when you re-size?

Fun afternoon at the patch. Just might go back to snap a few pictures of Daisy with some pumpkins and then I will have officially fulfilled my parental duty! :-)

For my own memory keeping I need to add the silly little fact that Daisy sat in a grocery cart for the first time this weekend at Target. I had planned to hold her but, then I got kinda curious to see what she would do if we put her in the cart. I buckled her in because she can still fall forward or back if not watched and boy did she LOVE being in the cart. She swung her feet, held onto the bars in front and stared and smiled at every single person going by. Joey and I were in Daddy and Mommy Heaven. It was so precious to watch the joy in her face and we too felt that same joy in our hearts. It's hard not to kiss her to death in those moments!


  1. How cute! I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch! The pictures are adorable. :)

  2. These photos are so cute and your husband is a goof (I have one of my own). I resize and sharpen my photos in PSE and upload to blogger. You'd have to check the width of your main wrapper but I will resize my photos to 890 px.

  3. These pictures are so cute!! I love Daisy's little hat. As for sizing pictures, I'm no blogger pro, but I just always make sure the photos are 72 ppi and then if it's a horizontal picture, make the width 800 pixels and if it's a vertical picture, make the height 800 pixels. But prior to making any size changes, make sure you check the box that says constrain proportions (or something similar to that). Hope that helps.

  4. LOL!!! Those "outtakes" make me laugh - mainly b/c I have to suffer the same silliness from my hubby! Every time I take pics of him he has to make a silly face - I have to take about 20 shots to get one that is a good one of him & inevitably that's the one where the kids aren't looking at the camera!

  5. What great GREAT photos! Daisy is so spoiled it looks like in the fam...everyone loves her! So awesome about her sitting in the only gets better:-) I too love the outtakes and it is so joe to do that. You are one beautiful momma!!

  6. The pictures are beautiful (as always)! I really like that same picture you said you like with you and daisy. Your husband is hilarious! Very cute pictures though!

  7. Daisy looks darling in that little hat, beautiful pictures! I love your new header too. Your husband is too funny with his expressions. It brings me joy to hear you were in Daddy Mommy Heaven at Target because Daisy enjoyed sitting in the cart. I love how an everyday thing was so joyful for you!

  8. Beautiful pics, Casey! I LOVE Daisy's outfit!!

    Regarding blog pics, I usually resize and save for web in photoshop, then use to upload them, then copy / paste the link called "direct link for layouts" into blogger's upload form. Wish there was an easier way though, but I haven't found one.

  9. Wow, those pics are adorable. She is so darned cute and I love her hat. Definitely xmas card quality. Love your new background, I almost did that for mine. I haven't read about your nanny situation lately, how did all that work out?
    Hope your doing great!


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