Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you See It Too?

Do you see it too?

Do you see that my baby is looking more and more like a big girl?

I don't know exactly when this change took place but, when I edited these pictures tonight

I just couldn't help but, stare at my boo boo's face and say, "wow, she looks so different!"

She loved sitting in the doorway so I could take these pictures of her.

She was all smiles and silly noises.

My sweet little baby models so nicely for me....for now.

Guess what??

Daisy has 2 more teeth cutting through the top.

She is in a lot of pain this time and it breaks my heart to see it.

Much more than when she got her bottom two teeth in.

Yes, she got teeth very early.

Poor boo boo is biting her fingers viciously and crying and snotty.

Nothing really helps when it's this bad. Just tylenol and sleeping it off.

Four teeth already! Wow!

Love you Daisy bean.

P.S. Cute outfit compliments of Auntie Becca who works at Gap. Thanks Auntie!!


  1. She is such a cutie! Is it me or did you change your header again?

  2. She is getting so big! Sitting up straight like a big girl! I love her eyes they are soo pretty! I have hazel eyes too! They are hazel right? They look hazel!! :)

    Umm... How many teeth does she have? She needs to come over here and teach Kingston! Sheesh I swear he's going to have to gum his food FOREVER.

  3. absolutely stunning photos! her soft soft precious! I am sorry she had a hard time with the teeth...try orajel or tylenol...hate to tell you that the molars and incisors can be the worst! Hopefully it won't be!!

  4. She really does look older! She is so precious! And your photography is amazing. If you get a chance, could you email me what camera you have? I love the close up...her eyes are so amazing!

  5. yip, Casey, even before I read your title I looked at the picture and thought "oh, she is getting big, it looks like it's time for a sibling~ha!" Just sayin'.....(smile)

  6. She is soooo pretty!!! It's amazing how you look at them from day to day and see such changes in a short amount of time.

    I hate it when you know they are in pain & can't really do anything...orajel is out I just use Tylenol like you said and a teething ring or sometimes a wet cloth with a piece of ice in it. Aaron has 5 now & is working on #6 and he's having a hard time going to sleep at night. I hope Daisy's come in very quickly!!

  7. She is getting so big! So adorable!

  8. Brayden's top teeth were the hardest for him too, besides what Elissa said, the molars and incisors!

    LOVE these pictures, especially the closeup of her beautiful soft face and her gorgeous eyes :)

  9. I do see she's getting bigger! She has an older look to her, still very cute and still has those adorable baby rolls. My kids have no more of those :( Sorry to hear of her teething pain, it's no fun. You're doing great with giving her tylenol, sleep and loving her through it all :)

  10. great photos Casey! What a beautiful daughter :)

  11. She does look older. :-( They grow way too fast. Beautiful pictures as always.

  12. Very cute! Daisy pictures ALWAYS make me smile!! Sorry to hear about those nasty tooth issues but I'm sure Daisy will be grateful in the end when she is able to bite into some yummy foods ;)


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