Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time To Resign

absolutely love these pictures of Daisy. She is so fun to photograph. So many faces and I love them all..I mean of course what's not to love, she is my child after all. :-) Love my pink pearl Princess!

Now that the news is out at my work I can officially share with you all that I have put in my two weeks notice at my job. I've worked for a Christian book publishing company for the past 7 years and in so many ways I will really miss this job as well as the wonderful people I have worked with. I worked inside the office for 4 years in California where the headquarters is stationed and then when we moved to North Carolina my company offered to keep me on a temporary basis and let me work out of my home which was a big treat! Then over time I became permanent again and this past September marked my 7th year with the company. I oversee about 11 states on the East Coast. I have handled orders, sales, customer service, territory management and new business growth. It has been such a blessing to be able to work out of my home and often times I didn'teven bother getting dressed (shhhh, I know you are jealous!). I have sipped my coffee and sat at my desk in my slippers and looked outside my window every day for the past few years and never once regretted my job. I would say I'm a lucky gal but, luck really has nothing to do with it. I am a blessed gal. God has taken great care of me and my family and has always provided for us.

The past 7 months (almost seven months) since we've had Daisy have been a tremendous strain for me. She still wakes up a few times a night. She does go back to sleep but, I have to get up to calm her down and this has worn me ragged night after night. On top of being exhausted I've had to work a full time shift and then get off to a feisty baby until late and night and then the cycle repeats itself. I know all you mamas have your plates super full so I'm not asking for a violin, just sharing my story. The icing on the cake for us has been our flaky nanny situation. We've been through 4-5 nanny gals in the past 7 months and it has been SO challenging to find a new one each time one bailed on us. I really do have the best of both worlds having an in home job and getting to see my baby periodically throughout the day so the last thing I wanted was to forfeit my job this soon but, after losing our last nanny I have not been able to find a replacement and with the help of friends and family I've been able to continue working but only temporarily. I feel like sometimes God closes doors for a reason. I would keep my work door open longer if I could because financially it is essential and it is comfortable for us but, God has His reasons. He knows how exhausted I am; He's heard my cries for help and sometimes it takes shutting the doors we want open to show us a different way. No, not the timing I expected and yes, this will be extremely challenging for us but, is God big enough to handle this change in our lives, again, yes.

So am I giddy and elated that I get to be a stay at home mom? Yes and no but, I am not ungrateful so please don't misinterpret my honesty. My head is reeling at the thought of the huge income loss we will be faced with in two short weeks so it's hard to be giddy and jump up and down and clap my hands. I'm nervous and fearful on one hand about how to make this work but, on the other hand I'm at peace and feel strong because God is faithful and has never failed us and I just know 100% that it will work out. God will provide and leave us with no one but, Him to praise for working this out and though this won't be an easy change it is worth it and I feel very blessed to be able to take this step! I might have to become a coupon loving mama (ug, I've never wanted to deal with coupons. So not my thing) but, whatever I can do to be wise with what we have I will learn to do! I know a lot of you mamas who stop by our blog are stay at home moms living on one tight income. What has been your biggest money saver and what things do you do to cut back?

Taking a step of faith in any area of life is seldom ever easy but, always worth it! We welcome your prayers as we change course. Prayer that I would fall into my role as stay at home mom with joy and grace. Prayer that Joey would not feel over burdened by carrying us financially on his own. Prayer that my photography business picks up in time so I can assist with the bills and prayer that we learn to be good stewards with our money. What an adventure we are about to embark on!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE hahaha


  1. Congratulations on taking this leap, seriously. I did it 10 months ago and was terrified but knew it was a time to spend with KLV and rediscover what I wanted professionally. You can now do more with your photography all while being a more rested mother. Tips to save $$: buy stuff at Marshalls, seriously it's amazing how much $$ you can save on kids shoes and outfits. Remember, this is a good thing! Look at what an opportunity it is vs isn't.

  2. We are single income family in Ca! It can be done! Make a budget and strive to stick to it! Menu plan, so you don't just buy whatever at the store. Buy food in bulk (costco & other places). Make a little extra on the side with your photography. I'll try to think of other things....

  3. Well, you hit it on the head that God will provide. I know you might be tempted to get discouraged financially, but just remember to have faith that you are doing the Lord's work in raising your daughter and everything else will work out. I know you know this. And I forgot for a second there about your photography business until I read the end of this thank goodness for that! I'm not just trying to be nice, but I really mean it when I say that I think you will go far with that!! These pictures are sooooo beautiful! As far as saving money, it's all about needs vs. wants and being honest about those things, with an ocassional splurge. And when you still feel like it's not going to cut it, just stay faithful. I'm not trying to sound all self righteous when I say this, but it can be humbling and I've gotten use to sacrificing many things I want. It's worth it to stay home. And I'm often surprised that I usually end up getting many of the things I want/need, it just takes longer to save for them. The comments above are great too. Menu planning (my weakness...but it has made a huge difference when I have done that). I have never done coupons but I'm sure it helps! It's going to all work out Casey! Sorry this is so long!

  4. Oh Casey, as I read this I could just 'feel' my body tensing up remembering what this moment felt like for me. On one hand you feel sooooo blessed for the amazing situation you had to be able to work at home and why give up such a blessing and then on the other hand you are having to fight every step of the way to keep head above water . I GET IT!!! And as you said, I think that sometimes the Lord asks us to lay down something out of obedience so that He may open the door to something else. SO, I am looking forward to hearing what it is that He has for you and your family. We serve a God that does nothing small. He does only above and beyond what we ever imagined!!!

  5. How exciting! We obviously don't have children yet but we've been working towards a situation where I can be a SAHM one day (already live on one income, and save a lot). I wish you the best of luck - if I didn't have to work, I'd say that we could hang out during the week now! BTW, did you try that resizing technique?

  6. Welcome to the stay at home mommy club!

    I totally agree with the first two post.

    I will keep you guys in my prayers =)

  7. That first picture of Daisy is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Priceless!!
    I know how it feels not having that second income! Definitely makes it hard emotionally not being able to work! I hope your photography picks up!
    Enjoy being at home. I have to say, being a mommy is the hardest job in the world. My husband has an incredibly straining, stressful, physical job, but still admits he couldn't stay home and do what we stay at home moms do!!!

  8. Okaaaay! That's more like it - that sweet little face! :-) I don't know how I didn't come across this blog. I just go thru the blogger page, and I think it was only directing me to the other one. But I could be totally wrong - ha! I'm not the most computery person. :-) Thanks so much for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. hey i know it's a big transition, but congratulations, on becoming a stay at home mom!!! you can do it! :)

  10. First of all, where did you get that adorable hat?? Second, I am so proud of you and Joey and I know God will totally bless you for your faith to step out and be at home with Daisy. Hope you and and the babe can make it out to Durham for lunch one day now!

  11. those pictures of daisy are adorable. what an exciting/scary time...just remember through those scary and difficult times you always come out stronger. it will be so worth it to stay with your little one, no one can replace the mommy!

  12. My goodness, those pictures of Daisy are super adorable. I love the white and pink on her! Esp. love photos #1,2 & 5. Hey, would you mind if I played around with these photos in scrapping? It would be for your eyes only (and mine and my husband and kids).

    And wow, that is big news about resigning from your job! I understand about having mixed feelings, I would too. You've hung in there for a long time and God rescued you from exhaustion. I'm happy you have a new path ahead that involves staying at home with Daisy and having more time to pursue photography!


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