Thursday, November 18, 2010

Many Faces and Much Siliness

This picture cracks me up!!! I turned around for five seconds to put the grocery bags on the counter, turned back and around and saw Daisy like this with a funny look on her face. Thank goodness the camera was right next to me! She is trying to get out of her car seat. No more sitting still for this little munchkin!

I didn't have time to edit these pictures a lick but, I liked how Daisy's personality really came out in these pictures. She is very silly, smiley, animated and extremely curious at this point. She is a really sweet, lovey baby. I thought she would love the silver tinsel but, I was wrong. She could care less so I tried everything to get her to sit still for me and not to face plant in effort to crawl somewhere. Yes, we have officially entered the more challenging phase photographers face with little kids! lol
Her, "I want that," look.
Her, "oh wow, that is so neat and shiny," look
Her, "alright, alright mom, I'm smiling hurry up and take a picture," look.
Her, "yum, this tastes like chicken," look.
whoops, looks like this one was I lied but, on accident. One is edited.
Her, "I thrive off of adventure," look.
Her, "geez mom sorry I was just trying to have fun," look
Her, "what do you mean I won't get a lollipop if I don't smile, " look. (hehe just kidding)
Just being still for a second.
Her, "oh man did you see the size of that bug that just walked across the floor, I want it!" look.
And lastly, her "okay mom, I will touch the tinsel if you turn off the camera," look.


  1. As always, they are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her missing shoe in the first pic!!!

    Sorry, your long comment didn't appear on my blog! =( I hate when that happens!!!!!

    God Bless your beautiful family!!

  2. i LOVE these shots! And I love how right on you are with each and every caption :) I want to meet her sooooooooooo badly!!!!

  3. There are so many fun faces in these shots. Love it!

  4. how cute are you! You are so in love with your daughter it is so great! So many great faces:-) Can't wait to see it next week!

  5. I think you put her in the seat like that for who really captures those shots! So funny! Good for you for having the camera so near during such a moment.

  6. Hahaha! The first picture of her is so funny and cute! The rest are beautiful as always.

    LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Your header picture!

  7. she is so sweet, precious and beautiful!

  8. Great photos! Looks like you guys are having fun at home together.

  9. I love the captions you put with these pictures. And I love your new photo in your header. So color coordinated! :)

  10. Ah, you and Daisy are the cutest! Cutest mom ever! And cutest baby girl ever! I love this! And that new header is straight up awesome! How do people think of these cute color cordinating pictures!? I need to eat that baby of yours!

  11. Ha ha! Too cute! Love your new header. :D

  12. Love all her unique fun expressions! And your creative captions :) You are having so much fun together at home and it's very lovely!

  13. You captured some great photos of your girl. So cute!! I just love the first's so much fun to watch there little personalities start to shine as they grow up. :)

  14. I love the tinsel! So cute and festive :-)


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