Friday, January 16, 2009

Bringing Joey's presense into this blog

Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, Joey will be getting a newer 4 door Dodge Ram this September. We both agree that it will be difficult to squeeze a car seat (don't get any ideas....) into a single cab truck, so we want to think ahead and be better prepared for when that time does come. Now you all know what Joey is dreaming about every day! haha Joey would love it if the truck had a slight lift...not over the top like the lifted truck picture I have added..but I thought it was fun to look at:). There, now this blog isn't blatantly screaming, "this is a woman's blog," it's only softly screaming:-) haha (the dark gray truck is Joey's favorite by the way)


  1. oooo! I like the dark gray too. Is it going to be diesel? He should get a diesel...those cummins diesel engines run forever and are so well built.

  2. what fun! I hope that it isn't too lifted...i would love to watch a preggo casey (when that time comes) lift herself or then a baby into it! Have joe dreaming about the Dodge, hopefully it won't be just a dream for ya!


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