Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Snow Fun

The biggest request I have been getting is, "post pictures of Dakota, please." So here are a few pictures of our beloved mini Dachshund enjoying the snow, as evidenced by the white powder sitting on her nose. I thought her little paws would freeze off, but it never seemed to bother her. I also added another picture of our welcome sign, much more tucked into the snow at the end of the day than the previous picture:). Joey worked from home for two days because the roads were quite dangerous with black ice. It was nice to have someone else around to help me keep Dakota out of trouble and just nice to have him around during work hours:) What a treat! That is about all there is to report on for now.


  1. I'm seriously going to kidnap your dog one of these days...she is so cute and tiny!

  2. I'm posting a comment!!! Aren't I a big girl, Case? Love Marm

  3. yea pictures of your little one! thanks for setting it up so we can leave comments too!

  4. I love your background! It's so pretty and looks so cute behind all your decorating posts! The snow is so pretty huh! I love snow pictures!


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