Monday, January 19, 2009

Some random fun

Joey and I had a nice weekend. We went to Circuit City to see if they had any good deals now that they have begun their liquidation phase (sad huh). They are still just as overpriced as ever. Joey is kind of hoping that the prices will get better so that he can buy a new digital camera. I doubt Circuit City will discount much. The parking lot was like an amusement park and the shelves were already looking empty even though there really wasn't a sale in sight. Go figure. I guess when people hear that a store is going out of business they feel the urge to buy something even if they could get it cheaper online:) lol. After dealing with the madness at two different Circuit Cities, we went to my favorite antique store, Suzanna's Antiques. This shop is headed up by a bunch of super creative woman who give old furniture a shabby chic face lift and create adorable little trinkets out of the most random things. I could spend hours in this store; however, on Saturday the temperature inside the tin building was probably about 15 degrees and neither Joey nor myself could handle it. We were both turning blue, so I made the trip quick. I got an awesome beat up, painted bar stool for our kitchen counter. I want to have a bunch of funky colored, chipped up bar stools. One down, three to go! I have attached a picture of it for fun. I also got a couple of decorative jars of which I would have bought many more, but they were kinda pricey. Seriously though, if you are ever in Raleigh, stop by Suzanna's Antiques. It is the cutest store in town and the hospitality is just as wonderful!

Our last stop was Rooms to Go. Joey and I have been looking high and low for the last year and a half for a wide screen TV armoire. We finally found what we were looking for online at R2G and we purchased it Saturday. It is being shipped up from Florida and should arrive at our house on Friday. I'm looking forward to that delivery!! Saturday night we played poker (no money involved:), with our neighbors across the street. It was my first time playing and Joey hadn't played in years. Everyone was so patient as I tried to learn as quickly as possible. I guess beginner's luck is a real thing because out of 8 people, it came down to me and Travis, the guy who was hosting. He won, but just barely:). lol. I was so proud of myself and I think Joey was too by the way:). That is about all for now!

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