Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Other Eye

Logan is so cute that it is hard for Joey and I to stop taking pictures of him! We can't get enough of this kid! He made some funny faces for Joey while we waited for our lunch and kept us entertained.

These are the pictures that Joey took with his digital camera this past weekend in Edenton. I really like that Joey and I both have our own cameras, because we get different perspectives on things and I always love that Joey's eye catches things that mine never would. Not to mention, it is nice that we don't have to fight over a camera, since we both love to take pictures. lol. I love the pictures that Joey captured of the old lighthouse and my personal favorite is the sharp angled picture right above the picture of Elissa and me. Since we are on the subject, I would like to add, I love my husband! He has such a positive attitude and he works so hard for us every day so that we can live in this beautiful home and enjoy some of the luxeries this life offers. His love for the Lord inspires me constantly. I am so thankful for him! xoxo

I'm so eager for the phone to ring and for Elissa (my very preggo friend in these pictures), or my other dear pal, Melissa (9 months preggo and back in Cali), to tell me that they are in labor! Well, let me rephrase that, I'm not eager to know that they are in pain, but eager to know that the babies are on the way:) hehe. Their children (Logan and Madelyn) have brought so much joy into mine and Joey's lives and we can't wait to meet the newest addition's to their families! We're praying for you guys!


  1. Great pictures Joey! I love the window and shutter picture...very artistic. ;-)

  2. That is so cool that Joey loves to take pictures! Rich never thinks to pick up the camera! Great pictures! Is that your friend Elissa's porch? I love it so much! NC is so pretty!

  3. oh you don't know how eager I am to be making that call too! :) I almost don't want to call people anymore because each time they expect me to be telling them I am in labor and I am only just calling to chat! Aw well thats how it is when you get down to the last days. Hopefully it is days and not weeks :) I enjoyed seeing both of your pictures!

  4. Joe, you've got a great eye! These are awesome pictures! I love old building like that, so historic and photogenic :)!

  5. ok casey, seriously, you should get those pictures of the lighthouse blown up and framed in your house! they have that old, antique feeling right? i think that if you don't do that, i want to! Good job joe! I especially love the one of the shutter up close...very good! the pictures are great casey of all of us...love to see myself like a giant so I can be motivated after the baby comes...haha!


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