Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Grandma loves flowers of every color, style and size and I definitely inherited that love! My favorite flower used to be a white lily but in November of last year a friend of mine brought me a bunch of carnations in a clear white jar and I have been hooked on the shabby chic colored flowers ever since! The great thing about carnations (which I used to hate by the way), is that they last forever!! The jar of flowers that she gave me lasted me a month with ease! They say it is good to change the water for flowers daily to keep them thriving. I can't get around to it that often but I try to at least a few times a week. I think it helps! Pink flowers are my thing right now! Funny thing is, pink is another thing that I have always hated. I was never into frilly or girly things and pink is definitely girlie. Now I can't get enough of pink: flowers, bedding, artwork, clothing, curtains, paint, furniture. I must be needing to get something out of my system or something like that:). Thankfully, Joey doesn't seem to mind. What a guy!

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  1. Well, now Joey knows just what color/kind of floweres to get you for Valentine's day!

    I think I know what you need to get out of your system...a little baby girl!!!:)


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