Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lawn Care

We are lawn people what can I say. We both love mowing, edging and believe it or not we feel a great sense of accomplishment when we pull weeds. We have spent a couple of hours a day here and there pulling weeds for the past month and we are finally more or less done. The yard looks great and we are very ready to plant some trees and flowers once we get some more consistent warm weather. I love that Joey enjoys working in the yard. It's a nice bonding time for the two of us:). And can I just say again, I LOVE this guy!


  1. I love pulling weeds, it's almost ALMOST (not quite) as satisfying as popping a zit! I know I'm strange. That's impressive you like doing the lawn! I always enjoyed *watching* my hub do it! Planting flowers sounds so fun!

  2. Cool that you're almost done with it and wow- check out the benefits of your hard work...look at your neighbors yard in that pic!! :)

  3. Where are the pictures of you weeding?

  4. Way to show up the neighbors Joey! lol:)


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