Monday, March 23, 2009

One can dream can't she?

I don't have any cute pictures of mine or Joey's mugs as of late so back to the ol' decorating pictures to satisfy your need for an update:). I found this shabby chic store in NC that is just to stinkin' cute but...their stuff is so expensive and way

out of my price range. So, all I can do is look but, not touch and try and find the same styles somewhere else at a much lower price tag..try Target or Wal-Mart for example! I love the way shabby chic mixes patterns, textures and soft tones and bright tones together. So cozy and feminine:). I also thought that the pink, retro stove was adorable but, I could never go that far without robbing Joey of his masculinity:) haha. I love the big wrap around sofa the bright colored artwork, the fluffy layered bedding and the awesome wood floors shown in these pictures. Plus, you have to admit that those bright pink arm chairs are pretty dang cute too! Well, hope that will hold you over for a day or two:).

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  1. Oh wow I love that pink stove!!!! I want it! but would i need to get a pink fridge to match? um. and that couch too! I love all your decorating inspirations!


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