Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jesus Loves You

Over the past several Sundays, our pastor has been tackling some of the difficult questions that many people ask about the Christian faith and the sermons have been so powerful and thought provoking. This Sunday Pastor Bill addressed the age old question, "How could a good God allow bad things to happen? Why does God allow war, famine, disease, death and pain? Why does God allow good people to suffer?" For anyone who has ever asked these question or simply is curious about the answers to these questions, please take the time to listen to the sermon online at: or check it at our church website I really think that everyone could benefit from this message and I know that it will strengthen your faith in the process! Lastly, no matter what you have been through, are going through or will go through, remember that Jesus is right there beside you. He is the greatest comforter you can ever know. God Bless each of you!

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