Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Festival Booth Painting

Joey and I signed up to help our church paint about 25 booths for a spring neighborhood Fair/Festival that they are hosting at the end of March. Neither Joey nor myself are artists and the only reason that we volunteered is because we were told that artistic talent was not a requirement for this project. We figured that we would be painting one solid color on a booth. That sounded easy enough! When we arrived this past Saturday (80 degrees and gorgeous by the way!), the leader of the project gathered us all together and informed us that we each needed to pick our own booth and that first we needed to paint grass on the lower level of the booth and then we were to let our artistic freedom run it's course. She suggested flowers, birds, butterflies, pictures of food (if we had a food booth), ducks...the sky was the limit. That is when Joey and I began to sweat bullets along with the rest of our home group friends who showed up to help. We all paced around for a little while hoping some inspiration would miraculously fall on us from the Heavens and though it didn't happen quite like that, I must say that I am quite pleased with how my booth came out and Joey was a great help too! The booths were originally all sky blue and then we added whatever we wanted from there. Joey and I decided to add stripes to ours (my lovely friend Miriam helped since the stripes were so time consuming) and we added lots of bright color. I will make you suffer by not posting the final booth pictures until tomorrow:) Here is a teaser! hehe. It ended up being a wonderful, fun day!

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