Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Devil's Arithmetic

Netflik's suggested that I rent this movie based on my movie preferences. I had never heard of it but, I read the summary and thought it sounded interesting and so I watched it today. It's the story of a teenage girl in modern US and she is recquired to attend a Passover dinner with her Jewish family even though she has no interest in it whatsoever and her disrespect is evident to everyone around her. As she attends the supper, she is transported back to the 1940's in Berlin. The experience is life changing for her. For being an older film and one that was made on a small budget, the story is beautiful and very riveting. It's only been 60+ years since those horrific events took place and yet it is a distant memory or a sad textbook history lesson for most everyone now and not much else. In the same way I got to thinking about how much time has passed since Christ was on this Earth. It's been over 2,000 years since the Son of God walked among us!! Aside from the bible, we no longer have stories being passed down, we have no videos or photos to help us visualize that time or to imagine what it was like. As a result, it's so easy to feel detatched from the awe and the wonder that we should feel when we talk and think about Jesus. If we aren't reading our bibles and remembering the stories and connecting with the Lord through His word we can miss out on knowing Christ completely! How incredible would it be if we were sitting in church one Sunday and the next moment we found ourselves sitting next to Jesus and the other disciples. How amazing would it be if we got to look at the face of our King, our Savior and listen to him as he talked about anything and everything about life and why we are here. To hug him, to tell Him how much He means to us even 2,000 years after his time here on Earth, to thank him over and over again for the body breaking torture he endured willingly for us so that our sins would not be counted against us on judgement day. What a gloroius experience that would be! We like new things, we like new news and we get bored with old news and old things but, we need to keep the good news of Jesus alive and new in our hearts by reading the word and spending time in prayer and we need to share this good news with everyone around us until the time of Christ's return which I'm sure isn't far off!! Just something to think about. Be blessed all!

Additional thoughts: Our Pastor reminded us all today in church that it is OUR STORIES about what Jesus has done in each of our lives and our experiences with the powerful Holy Spirit (which is alive and active in our lives as we speak), that are always new and always fresh everyday! I have seen miracles in my life that can only be accredited to the miraculous hand of God; people being cured of cancer, marriages being saved, finances being blessed in the perfect moment, children being healed of illnesses, needs being met when needed most, jobs being supplied, relationships being restored, words being spoken at the precise moment that they are needed most and SO much more. What is Jesus doing in your life that you can share and pass on to future generations to keep the good news alive and new with every morning?

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