Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Progress- hip hip hooray

The front yard makes me smile when I see it now. The first year that we lived here I tried to avoid looking at my front yard as the plants that the builder gave us were hideous neon green bushes and a half dead tree...which is completely dead now:(. Now I look at the thriving plants and the variety of colors and I just feel relaxed and content. Hard work pays off:)!

To the right is our lawn as of a week ago. It is is a seasonal grass which means that for about 5 months out of the year the grass is sleeping and basically appears to be "dead." It's not pretty by any means in the early spring or winter but, the plus side is that it is extremely "green" in that it only needs to be watered once every few weeks and it is extremely tolerant to the baking summer heat that we have in this state. We learned the hard way though that the grass is not tolerant to dog pee and found that it was in fact killing the grass at a rapid rate! We resorted to installing an electric doggie fence to keep Dakota in a certain area to minimize the pee damage. You can see circular pockets on the green lawn picture. That is after a month of the grass trying to recover from her pee:). Live and learn:). The bottom lawn picture was taken in April. What a difference 2 months can make eh:). Now to plant some trees, flowers and bushes in the backyard!

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  1. I never knew that about dog pee! Your backyard is so great, I'm sure it will be looking that green soon! Lucky!!!


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