Monday, June 15, 2009

Ug, Monday

Love this cozy little living room...looks nothing like mine..maybe someday...
Joey should have gotten this cheesy trophy yesterday:)!

Why do weekends always go by so fast? I really wish that Monday-Friday were "off" days and Sat-Sunday were work days. That would be so wonderful! In other news, Joey placed first both days of his Virginia tournament this weekend! That is 2 first place wins for my fisherman! I'm so proud of him. As long as I have known Joey, whatever he puts his mind to, he accomplishes with flying colors. If you happen to talk to him, please congratulate him on his wins! Meanwhile, I spent my weekend going to a nearby lake and hanging out with some friends and playing a game of soccer (I can barely move my legs today!). I watched James Bond Quantum of Solace and I hate to say it but, I was really not all that impressed. Sure the actions scenes were very well done, but the story line was boring to me. Oh, and I enjoyed eating a lot of Reeses pieces bites. Love those crunchy little suckers!

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  1. I second the idea of having Mon-Fri off and working on Sat & exactly do we get that started??? :)


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