Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LOVE the stripes!!!

Okay, so our blog layout has changed and I know that many of you won't like it at first but, let me just say that the reason I changed it is because I could only upload pictures at a certain size with the previous, adorably cute, pink layout. I didn't like how small the pictures were and I am ultimately trying to make the blog more viewer friendly. Give it time:) You'll get used to it:). In other news: I found this bathroom picture on someone else's blog and though Joey doesn't know this yet...sometime in the next 5 years I would like to do something similar with our master bathroom:) haha. We are no where near ready to tackle our bathrooms at this time, but they desperately need a face lift in the color department and I just thought this was the coziest looking bathroom. First you paint the darker color all over and then tape off the stripes for the lighter color. LOVE the colors too! Okay, ttfn:)

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  1. oh gosh! i love it! plus, i spied a chandelier in the top picture-it has been a dream of mine to put a chandelier in a master bathroom. what a great idea-stripes are so fun!


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