Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wallpaper Anyone?

I know that I should feel so wrong for saying this but, I LOVE the way wallpaper has made a modern and attractive comeback! You would think I would know better after hours of tearing at hideous wallpaper with my mom when I was a kid, but, alas, the designer in me thinks that wallpaper has so much potential and it is finally being realized! Granted, when we all wallpaper our houses and it goes out of style in 10 years everyone is going to hate us when they buy our houses. That is their problem though:)! haha. Does anyone else have a special place in their hearts for the new look of wallpaper or is it just me?? I actually added the last picture because I am thinking very seriously about painting the inside of my door. I don't know why but, staring at a buck white door every morning is kind of depressing to me. I'm thinking about painting it black or blue....though I am not in a hurry to do it so we shall see:)....


  1. I actually really like new wallpaper too! As long as the whole house isn't wallpaper. It looks great as accent walls or if it's not too busy a whole room! I think you should paint your door! Oh I miss doing that stuff!! Have fun!

  2. Definitely blue...paint it a country would love it! It is a good idea to paint the inside too because you would see that more than the outside!

  3. I LOVE WALLPAPER TOO!!! have you ever gone to they have the cutest stuff... including wallpaper! I've found some similair stuff at lowes, but I have big plans for my powder room and wallpaper!

  4. I do like some of the new wallpapers....but gosh....just can't bring myself to do it. The lady who lived here before us had HIDEOUS wallpaper and it took a month to get rid of it all....puttin it up again...ugh!!! :) I'll live through yours :)

  5. want to help me take down all the old flowery wallpaper in our new house? you can have it when we pull it down if you want it! ;-) as much as some wallpaper looks pretty now, i'm sure it will go out of style one day and i HATE taking it down!!!
    - Lindsey Davis

  6. lol:) I have to agree with you Lindsey:) I hated taking our wallpaper down way back in the day too. As much as I LOVE this new look, I think since it is just a fad that it would be such a drag to put it up and change my mind about it in a year and have to painstakingly tear it all down:). I hear yah:). But it looks so nice! sign.


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