Thursday, December 8, 2011

You Gotta Love Her

I haven't done a Daisy post in the past several days so I know our family is having withdrawals.  This might cheer you all up!  Ever since Daisy found her baby doll stroller Christmas present in my closet she has played with it everyday.  This particular day she found her purse and her sunglasses and wore them while she pushed her stroller. She was walking all over the house looking like a total DIVA but, a very, very cute one at that.  Then she slipped on the kitchen floor (no injuries were acquired), and this picture is the result.  You gotta love her!



  1. She is so cute! Such a little diva, for real!

  2. LOL--that caption is the best!

  3. Glad for no injuries! And sorry she spoiled your Christmas gift! She plays dirty, huh? =)

  4. Totally cute!

    A friend of ours has a baby stroller like that and every time we're there Levi goes straight for it and will push it around as long as we are there. I'm totally going to get him one - he LOVES it. LOL.

  5. Ahha, I love her! Clumsy like her aunt. :)
    ~Love Anna

  6. She's so cute! Love the story and the photo :)

  7. Love everything about the pic! Go Diva Daisy, don't let anything stop you.

  8. Oh my goodness this picture is SO stinkin cute! She like, "Umm mom help me up already!" Haha love it! She's so beautiful, just like her mommy.

    PS- I'm your newest follower! I didn't know you had a blog either!


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