Monday, December 12, 2011

Tree Tree

We got our tree the day before Thanksgiving if I am recalling correctly.  My momma was here and she offered to get us one and I wasn't about to turn that down! I love, love the smell of a real Christmas tree in my home.  I love the twinkle of the lights, the merry feeling I get inside every time my eye catches a glance of all the pretty ornaments hanging so gracefully on the branches.  Yah, you get the idea:).  
So here we are at Lowe's picking out our tree.  It didn't look perfect at the lot but, after settling at home it looks gorgeous.  So happy with it! It was a really chilly night and I was more interested in getting the tree quickly and hopping back into our heated vehicle as quickly as possible! lol
Thank goodness for strong husband's who do all the hard work of carrying the tree into the house all by then my hands and clothes stay sap free which is always nice.  Thanks hubby!
And me and my momma couldn't pass up an opportunity to be cheesy and pose by our tree.  I wuv her so much!
And then I remembered that I too am a mom and went and grabbed my child and made her pose for a cheesy by the tree picture.  She looks so happy doesn't she. hahaha
And what happens when you give your baby a bath and they escape before being clothed?? Why they go adorn themselves with Christmas beads of course!  Isn't she adorable:).
And I really did attempt to let Daisy help me decorate the tree but, one: she really wasn't that interested and two I could barely get the tiny strings around the branches so it was really impossible for her...but, we tried (okay Daisy when you read this in 10 years just know that...I really did try:).
And I like to keep my house tidy so this kind of holiday mess is um...ehem, a challenge for me to live with but, I knew it was temporary so I survived and my mom can vouch for me...I kept my cool:) hahaha  And though it is completely unrelated....I must share that I DESPERATELY want curtains in my living room.  I want a pair from Pottery Barn and I have yet to find anything similar else naked my windows remain.  Sigh.  Okay, I feel better now.  Moving on....
And after all the hard work and the clean up, this is what you get....much more of this to come:)



  1. That picture of Miss Daisey sans clothes with the beads is ADORABLE!! Looks like a lot of fun with your Mom too. The CA mountains are always here when you come to visit :0
    Merry Christmas Casey

  2. Your tree turned out lovely, even without Daisy's help! (And I love the photos of you and your mom by the tree--you guys are too funny!)

  3. Your tree turned out lovely :) And I am loving the picture of Daisy and the beads - priceless :)


  4. I love the way Christmas tree's make my home smell, too!! That's the best part. And the twinkly lights of course ;-) Can't wait to see more of your decorations!

  5. Haha! LOVE the picture of you and your mom by the tree! Daisy in the beads is so so cute:)

  6. Oh I so enjoyed these pictures. My little girl got to help me decorate for the first time this year. It's so fun when our littles are involved. When my hubs showed me his sap covered hands I was so glad that he carried in the tree and not me. Plus not sure I could have lifted it. :) Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks for adding the "messy" picture. Makes me feel more normal! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. Always good to hear from you. Merry Christmas!!

  8. all your pictures are amazing! my favorite is the one of daisy and the beads... she is truly adorable! what a cutie!

  9. I think it's absolutely gorgeous Casey- how exciting!!!

  10. daisy is such a cutie! Her hair is starting to get longer! Love the black and white pic!

  11. Oh Casey!!! These pictures capture such a beautiful story... I feel like I was there! I love how you captured the events of the evening in such a real way. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. I love your tree. Looks great! Wonderful shots. Can't wait to see more.

  13. Yay for beautiful fresh trees! Can't wait to see yours all decorated next week!


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