Monday, December 21, 2009

CA part 1 - baby shower

I got to CA last Saturday afternoon after a pretty lousy flight experience but, I was refreshed after eating at El Tecolote with my Daddy who was kind enough to kill time until I finally arrived:). I ate two tostadas (my all time favorite food at that restaurant). And they are BIG tostadas!! I seriously felt like I was enjoying a piece of Heaven!! I miss CA Mexican food more than anything and every time I go back I eat as much of it as I can:). After dinner I headed to Grandma's house to hang out and was blessed by the surprise of my mom, two sisters and my sister's hubby showing up unexpectedly at my Gram's to spend the night and hang out with me:). It was such a treat as they live an hour and a half away and I wasn't expecting to see them until the baby shower the next day. We hung out and chatted all evening long and the next day (Sunday) was baby shower mode from early morning until late in the evening. Food shopping, decorating, game planning, goodie bag stuffing, food preparing and so on. It's amazing that a simple baby shower can require so much planning! It turned out great though and I am so thankful to everyone who came and for all the gifts our little girl was blessed with. My Dad and mom blessed us with our big car seat which was awesome and we were also blessed with clothes, blankets, money and lots of other lovely things such as a handmade rocking chair for our little girl made by my Uncle and handmade blankets and quilts. God is good! It was a super busy day and I was 100% wiped out when it was over but, it was so great to see old friends and to catch up a little bit with everyone. Wish I had more time to spend with each person as it all goes by so fast. Thanks to everyone who helped, who came and for all the little gifts that were such a blessing!

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  1. AWW! i love all the shower pics! i'm still bummed that i couldn't join you, but i'm glad there was a great turnout and you got lots of fun gifts! i am loving all the PINK!!!! glad you had a good trip friend!!


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