Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Heart Melts When She Gets It

Teaching a 3 year old to share is like trying to teach a dog that sticking his head out the window while driving down the road is not the best thing in the feels impossible some days.

I've also decided that this is how God must feel about most grown ups.  He patiently and endlessly gives us little and big life lessons to teach us valuable things and most days we flounder and fail because we are so hard headed...until that one day when something sinks in and we grow a little more.   I bet God gather's the angels and says, "Did you guys see that (jumping up and down with excitement)?? It's a miracle.  Wow. She finally got it.  That took forever!"  Kidding of course but seriously, God must have a lot of gray hair from all the stress we put him through (wink). 

 Then there are those little glimmers of change and progress that roll in like the changing seasons when you least expect.  They remind you that parenting is a life long adventure with exponential rewards that overwhelm your heart with tremendous joy.

My little miss was making a birthday card for her preschool teacher at home this past Sunday.  I was hoping she would be willing to share one of her special candies with her teacher.  The card just needed a little something but, of course my child didn't agree. Daisy was the opposite of thrilled and the typical 3 year old melt down ensued.  All I wanted to do was make a cute card for her teacher..."aint nobody got time for that."

I can't tell you how exhausting it is some days to teach the same lesson to a tiny, stubborn person over and over and OVER love of course, great love with patience sprinkled on top.  

At this particular moment we decided to shift gears and take a little family walk and get some fresh air...and perspective.  While on the walk, I briefly told Daisy a little story about Jesus and how he shares all of His gifts with us because sharing means that you love someone so much.  I told her that Jesus shares everything and I want to be more like him.  Short and sweet.

Honestly, I didn't even know if she heard a word of what I said.  She never responded and seconds later she was talking about trees or squirrels or something of that nature.  

But, when we got home she came running up to me with a sucker in her hand...her favorite candy in the bag.  Excitedly she taped her precious candy inside the card for her teacher.  I was in a state of shock, my eyes wide like saucers, my mouth gaping open.   

I asked her, "why did you decide to give your teacher a candy darlin'?" To which she replied, "Because I want to share with her because I love her." 

Melt my heart into a big soppy puddle of Mommy emotion.

We still have a long ways to go of course but, this was without a doubt one of those priceless parenting moments that I just don't want to forget. 

Daisy, this post is for you.   Someday when you read it, I just want you to know how proud I am of you.  Not because you have perfected the art of sharing (quite frankly no one has) but, because your heart desires to do what is right and you are learning to be like Jesus one day at a time.  Even if you fail and flounder from time to time...just like your Mommy, I will celebrate with you every step of the way because I see that you try.  That is all that matters to me little one.    

 Love you to pieces my little peanut! 

We are not molded into the image of Christ overnight but, rather over a lifetime.  We are molded, shaped, refined and tuned one adventurous day at a time.  - CM

Below: I had just finished taking head-shots for a client when Daisy ran into my "studio" and asked for her picture to be taken.  She does this just about every time I have a photo session now...wanting to get in her Mommy's world no doubt. So cute.  I didn't have the studio lights on or edit these as I seldom have the time anymore but, I sure got a kick out of her poses and facial expressions.  I can't tell you how much joy this kid brings to my life. 


  1. This post is just perfect Casey, so wonderfully perfect!

  2. super cute! When you think you have finally gotten thru to them......they become teenagers and it's like having to teach a 3 year old in a 16 year old body. It's kind of weird....I think it keeps parents humble.

    Oh, and these pictures are so darn cute!

  3. What a beautiful and touching post. You are SUCH an amazing mommy and Daisy is lucky to have you!!

  4. Oh my goodness. I'm getting all teary eyed.
    What a great post, Case! You're the best mommy! (Besides my mommy, who is also your mommy, hehehe)
    I love you so much, and tell my Daisy Bean that I love her and I'm proud of her too!


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