Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Preggo ladies

I am so blessed to be going through my first pregnancy with 3 other ladies from my church. Our due dates are all fairly close too. From the right: Lindsey Davis and her hubby Todd are Due the early part of February, Jennifer Chaisson and her hubby Evan are due early March, Lindsay Hege and her hubby Brian are due just a handful of days after Jennifer and I am due March 30th. All of us except Lindsey Davis are expecting girls for our first child! Two of the gals have their names picked out already and the other two of us are still wrapping that process up. I look forward to many playdates, birthday parties and sunday school classes with these ladies and their children and I'm sue we will all be bouncing so many first time experiences off one another for many years to come. I'm hoping that we will get a few more of these group belly shots down the line to show our progress:).

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  1. so glad you have some people close by to go through that with! I am jealous that I'm not going through that with you so close! Well...that would mean i would be preggo again and that won't happen for a while. ANYWAYS! It will be fun to see who pops first and all the stories to compare with each other. I bet you guys will have some great playdates!


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