Sunday, November 8, 2009

This that and the other thing

Here are some random pics since I haven't posted much lately. The top pic. was taken today and is my more or less 20 week, 5 month shot. I may not look much bigger in this picture but, I know I have grown because I am cramping all the time and my regular shirts are not long enough for me anymore:). Today Joey and I took our traditional fall pictures at the forest nearby and I have to say that it was hard for me to get used to seeing myself so round in the pictures. I know I am pregnant and being round is a beautiful part of pregnancy but, when I see myself in the mirror I'm like, "whoa, who is that woman?" haha. It's just such a rapid change that by the time I finally begin to get used to my new shape it will be shrinking back down again (Lord willing that is:) I'm sure lots of you moms can relate right:). Anyhoo, the other pictures are of princess Dakota since she hasn't gotten much blog time lately. She loves laying by our back door and can bask in the sun's rays for hours, but, if it isn't sunny, she is bored out of her mind and drives me crazy. That's why when it's bright and sunny I know it will be a good day for both of us. lol. The other pics are just for fun. I got a baby memories book for our little girl and I have started documenting all the details before her arrival. I have a baby book that my mom diligently filled out for me before and after I was born and I love reading her thoughts on her pregnancy and my arrival etc so I hope my little girl will cherish her book as well:). We also have a couple little outfits that I found on summer clearance at Target and we bought our first pack of many of Swaddlers diapers to come.

Other than that we are just super, super busy right now. I don't think a night goes by lately that we don't have some sort of engagement booked in. This week was one day after another and thought it was all wonderful we are sooooo wiped out right now. Joey is getting sick...again. I'm just praying that I don't get whatever bug he is getting and I hope he gets through it asap in Jesus name!

Our baby girl's name is very much in the works. Looking forward to sharing her name once we both are certain it's the one! God Bless each of you and hope this week is good to you all!

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  1. Still looking slender and beautiful, Casey! How fun to start collecting some clothes and things for baby! Good choice on the diapers:), they are the best ones in my opinion. Glad to hear you guys are doing well! It's all happening fast, huh! Sometimes pregnancy feels like an eternity and other times I can't believe how fast it goes by.
    Hope you don't sick too. Take care:)


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