Monday, November 23, 2009

Photography weekend!

Joey has finally wrapped up his bass fishing tournament year and he placed 3rd which is really awesome!! Great job Joey!! He had a tough day fishing Saturday and that was a bummer but, overall he has had a blast fishing with a bunch of other guys who are as passionate about it as he is. I'm glad they have so many lakes and avid fishermen out here to keep my hubby happy:). The club will start back up again next January of February so until then you won't hear about any more tournaments much to Joey's disappointment:).

Saturday was quite a day of picture taking for me but, I enjoyed it very much. First shoot was for cutie pie Boston's 3 year pics and his family pic for Christmas. Boston is so adorable so it was easy to get cute pictures of him but, he is also 3 so it was hard to get pictures of him looking directly at my camera. I think that to toddlers, photographers are invisible and that is why they look over, under, to the side and around them but, never directly at them because they don't know they are even there:). See, I can use my imagination:). Still got some great shots of B though and had a great time at the gorgeous park where we all met up. I will be going there much more often for photo shoots in the future! After Boston I had two senior gals come by the park. Alexa and Chris (who I took pics of last weekend), and we got some great shots for their Senior pictures. It was very chilly out so we were getting very rosy cheeks and runny noses but we had fun:). Sunday I took some pictures of Joey's sister Jessica as well as some of us together and preggo shots with me and Joey thanks to Jessica who had a great eye when taking our pictures. Thanks Jess!

Sunday Joey was kind enough to wait patiently in Motherhood Maternity while I purchased a few much needed things. I have tried to stretch my wardrobe out both literally and for practical purposes as long as I can but, I no longer fit in my regular shirts or pants and getting dressed was getting very depressing with my 3 shirts and 2 pants every day. Thanks Joey for being so wonderful and blessing me with your company while I shopped! Sunday night we met at a pizza place with 20 high school kids from our bible study groups and hung out with them. We had a great time! Praise God for a super short week and a yummy meal right around the corner!! I hope you all have wonderful plans with friends and family this week! God Bless each of you!

More pics will be posted at


  1. cute pictures! That is so neat you are taking pictures for the high schoolers. I am sure they love them. That Boston is such a cutie too!

    Let see some belly pics with you in your new maternity clothes!

    Congrats on 3rd place Joey. Someday I bet we will see you on TV doing one of those tournaments!

  2. Love the new pictures!! You definitely now look pregnant and I can't believe the belly you've got since the last pics you posted!! That's great you were able to get some new clothes and I'm with Melissa - now we need some pictures :)

    I'm so glad that you're now at a point to have your photography bug back. You definitely have a gift - I think of you often when I'm frustrated with my camera!

    Last but not least CONGRATS to Joey!!!!!


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