Monday, November 16, 2009

First news: Dakota has not had anymore unusual looking stools since Friday. She did have the shakes most all of the day on Saturday and I thought it could possibly be a fever but, of course I am not sure. Today she seems to be very much back to her old self; feisty, obstinate, whiney and playful. lol. So, though I did read that intestinal infections can take weeks to really reveal their effects I am hoping and praying that Dakota is in fact getting better on her own with the aide of all of your prayers:). Only time will tell but, in the meantime I am not going to burn anymore brain cells worrying needlessly about our pup. What will be will be. That top pic is of her as a puppy over a year ago now. Cutie pie:).

Second: Joey is still sick. Poor guy started getting sick on the 8th with a really bad sore throat and that lasted most all of last week and now he is getting the respiratory junk. Poor bubbus. Hoping he gets better soon and still praying that I can avoid getting this cold/ flu from him. He has his last fishing tournament this Saturday. Please wish him luck if you talk to him as it is a big deal to him and he is really excited about it. I'm hoping he wraps up the season with a second place trophy. He deserves it!! GO JOEY!!!

Third: I took pictures of a Senior from our church on Saturday. She is beautiful and photogenic so she made my job easy and I had fun seeing the results later on. I posted a few here and will hopefully post a lot more on the photo blog later this evening at:

I will be taking more pictures this weekend for a 3 year old boy and for 2 senior girls and I am so glad to have a little of my photography energy back again. I still have so much to learn but, every time I take pictures I tackle something new so I can only move forward:).

That's all for now....

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