Thursday, November 5, 2009

She finally kicks for Daddy:)

Joey had sort of felt our little girl move a couple of weeks back but, it was really weak and inconsistent and every time we wanted her to kick for him she would stop and evidently go back to sleep and ignore us. Last night while we were watching a movie Joey and I were blessed when our little lady kicked 3 times very hard for him. I'm not sure what was cooler...seeing the freaked out look on Joey's face because it caught him so off guard, or just knowing that he had finally gotten to feel the life inside me that I have been feeling for so long already. Either way it was such a treat and I couldn't have been more blessed by that experience! She is kicking like crazy all the time and her kicks have grown increasingly stronger in the past 3.5 weeks. Not to mention, when she rolls around I start to feel a bit queezy like my stomach is spinning around without me. So crazy, weird and awesome! Just a few days shy of 5 months! Just over 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces in weight My how the time flies!


  1. That is so awesome!!! I personally think it's one of the neatest feelings in the world.

  2. I'm with Linds! I will never forget the moment the same thing happened for us! What an amazing, miraculous, and bonding experience :)!

  3. I can imagine that Joey's reaction alone would be a priceless moment - too bad there's not a video post for that..I'd like to see it! Glad he's able to experience it some now too :)


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