Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Latest

This past Saturday I set the day aside to begin tackling the daunting task of registering for the million little things that a tiny baby needs. It blows my mind that our little girl will own more stuff before she is born than I have owned in my entire adult life! lol. Joey's sister Jessica was a wonderful pal and accompanied me to Babies R Us in the morning to register while Joey fished. I enjoyed looking at all the baby goodies around me while we sat through registry "orientation." I gave Jessica control of the gun and we walked around scanning the things that I had pre-determined that we needed. It didn't take long however; before the store began to feel extremely warm and my pregnant body began to give out on me. haha. I had to cut our trip short, hand over the gun and rush outside to blast air conditioning on my face for 10 minutes before I felt my body temperature level out again. That and a delicious lunch at Panda Express helped:). Thanks for the company Jess! I wouldn't have survived without you! :) Thank God for the internet as I was able to finish things up from the comfort of my own couch later that evening:). When Joey got home from fishing we headed over to Target to register there as well. Joey got control of the gun and was such a trooper and made the process much more enjoyable for me than I would have expected with a husband:). haha. I did notice that a few things I did not register for showed up on the registry and that cracked me up. Honestly, I'm glad to have the registering out of the way. It's actually pretty brain frying and tedious but, it was fun to see all the cute little outfits and hairbows for little girls:). The only thing I couldn't register for was the mini city jogger stroller as neither of those stores carry them. I've decided on this stroller based on feedback from friends and look forward to power walking with it next year:). I can't decide which color would be better but, I'm definitely leaning towards the green!

Now we are in the process of choosing a name for this active little girl. We think we may have come up with one but, we are giving ourselves time to think on it before we decide or announce. We'll keep you posted:).

That's about it over here for now. Oh, aside from the fact that I found out that I will get zero paid time off to have this baby. This information came as a very painful and unfortunate blow to Joey and I this week. We are still processing it all and it will take us quite some time to determine the best plan of action to take as I will not have more than a week and a half paid of vacation to use. Please keep us in your prayers in regards to this matter if you could. We would really appreciate it! I do have to say that it amazes me that the United States is one of the only developed nations in the world that does not recquire paid maternity leave for women!! We provide welfare to millions of people that don't deserve it (some do, I realize that) and disability to millions more than aren't even disabled (some are of course) and yet, a woman who pushes a human being out of her body can't even get 6 weeks of paid time off to recover. Wow!! Twisted and bizarre in my opinion. Forgive my rant. I couldn't help myself.

Hope you are all doing well in health and spirit and Happy Holiday season to everyone!! I'm so excited about Thansgiving with our friends in Virginia and Christmas with Joey's family!! There is so much to be thankful for but, I am especially thankful for family and friends! God Bless each of you!


  1. beautiful stroller choice :) I like both of those colors! I think every pregnant woman feels that way when they register. That is why they have all those benches around the Babies R Us! Thanksgiving with the Morrises... how fun! We will be praying for the finances to work themselves out for a maternity leave.

  2. How exciting!! And after all those talks of "will the stroller end up pink or blue?" it's gonna end up green after all! :) I do agree - I like the green. I'll have to start snooping on your registry when I get time. Sorry to hear about the time off situation. I know God will work it all out for you though and He'll provide for you guys and baby girl Martinez :)

  3. I agree with the green...another thing to think about is that it won't show dirt or other baby mishaps as much with the darker color. you think that Thanksgiving with the morris's won't be that fun huh:-) Well, fly on out here and we can make it a friends affair! Something I am being reminded of tonight especially is that God's ways aren't our own and His plans are much greater than our own. I pray that things work out about working and maternity leave...can i work for you?

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your job situation. One thing that I have learned about having babies is if we have faith (and sometimes it takes A LOT), he will provide! He has worked miracles for us with each baby. Sometimes it's very last second too, and it's easy to lose faith, but He comes through and blesses you with everything you need. He does this because He loves babies and you and Joey are doing what He would have you do-to bring a child into your family; so your needs will be met. I'm having to lean on some major faith right now too, but if I just remember what I just wrote to you, it should be easy:). I know everything will work out for you! I can't wait to find out her name! I can't wait to see this little beauty too!


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