Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Weeks Today

Daisy's chord fell off one day after her two week mark. I didn't think it would stay on that long, but I also didn't know that there would still be a good sized scab left behind and that kind of freaked me out because it started to bleed today and was getting all over her clothes. I called the pediatrician and she said that I should just continue to apply alcohol to the scab and keep it dry and it should come off in a week or so. Ironically, it came off today so now Daisy officially has a little iny belly button:). It is quite cute!

I got a 101 fever on Monday. It was probably higher at some point but, when I finally got around to checking it late Monday night that's what it was. I woke up Monday morning and I was freezing. I was wearing sweat pants, socks, a long shirt, a fleece jacket and keeping a down blanket bundled up on me and still my teeth were chattering. I just figured at that point that I was weird and my blood was circulating poorly or something but, by mid day I had a splitting head ache and my body felt like it had been beat on with a mallet. I couldn't even get up off the couch and lifting Daisy was such a challenge because my arms felt like rubber. By late evening I was in the worst shape I have been in in a long time and I knew something was definitely wrong. I couldn't even take care of Daisy at all at that point. I fell into bed with all my clothes on and was still freezing under all of our blankets and Joey kindly took over the 2 AM feeding with Daisy so I could lay like a coma patient in bed. My fever broke around 6 AM and I felt much better overall after that. A friend mentioned that I might have Mastitis and as it turns out, she is right. I went to my doctor yesterday and they prescribed me an antibiotic because it has been 5 days and it is not going away on it's own. Hopefully it will resolve the issue! Oh, the things our bodies go through for these little people:).

Daisy is exactly 3 weeks old today. It almost makes me sad how fast she is growing and how quickly this wee little baby phase ends. I know that every phase with Daisy will bring new delights and joys as she reaches new milestones but, still (sigh) it goes so fast! A lady in my doctor's parking lot stopped her car as I was loading Daisy into her car seat and she wisely said, "Enjoy this time honey. She'll be 18 and leaving for college before you know it." So true!

Daisy still thinks that the day starts at 4 AM each morning. Ug. It's so tough but, thank God she usually falls asleep for a nap around 7 AM and sleeps until about 10 or so and I am able to catch up on what I am missing each morning sort of. I have noticed that we are getting one almost 5 hour stretch out of her now though so yeah, even more progress!!!

I love our baby girl more and more with each passing day if that is even possible. Joey and I can't get enough of her grunts, her facial expressions, smiles, burps, sneezes etc. Daisy is such a doll! I think I am seeing more of Joey in her these days but, then again she seems to change her look daily so tomorrow could be a different story:).

My mama comes out to visit us next Tuesday!! I am soooooooooo looking forward to her visit and I know Daisy is too:) YEAH!!!


  1. Casey, I'm so sorry you had Mastitis! I had it with Jonah and then with Cooper. The antibiotics are what set our thrush over the edge. I hope you heal up quickly! I know how hard that is to feel like that and have to take care of the baby. So glad your mom is coming out! You are soooo lucky! That will be the best treat!

  2. oh I'm so glad there will be an end to your mastitis soon! You are doing a great job through all these tough physical changes Casey. Daisy is such a cute little bug with that brown bow and her little legs. Looking forward to talking soon! I just tried calling you and quickly hung up realizing it is almost 10pm there... although, with a newborn, you are most likely still awake:)

  3. i would recommend some pro biotics for the both of you while you're on the anti biotics so you can avoid thrush. i got breast infections a lot, it helps to pump the infected breast after each feeding in addition to starting her on that side. Bio Gia is a great brand and it is safe for moms and new borns

  4. Ew for Mastitis! I had it twice with Hunter. The first time was awful! Exactly as you were decribing it and then some. It's good that you are getting antibiotics quickly because it can progress into much nastier things.
    Daisy is such a cutie I love all of the pictures you post! I'm finally able to catch up on all the blogs I follow since my parents left for back home. Oh, and as far as sleep goes enjoy the 5 hour stretches! H didn't sleep through the night until a week before he turned one and even then we still have spats of waking up once in the middle of the night. Each baby is soooo different. I hope that the little miss gives you more sleep! Definitely nap when she does, it's the only way to keep sanity on the horizon. Are you going back to work? If so enjoy the time you have with her, you are right it does go by in the blink of an eye. I can't believe my little one is already one! ah!
    Keep up the good work!! (if you ever have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask! I know I had a lot of questions about some pretty random stuff when H was a babe.)


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