Sunday, April 4, 2010

Labor Talk, Daisy's 1st checkup and other things

{for the record, I can't stand the pictures taken of me during my entire hospital stay but, I'm trying to get over it and am posting a couple of them anyways. I know I will be glad I did someday down the line}
A lot of you have been asking about how labor down went down, so I thought I had better jot down my thoughts while it is still fresh in my memory. If you have any questions just let me know and I will get back to you on it as soon as I can.

Delivery day:

-not sure starting the induction at 6:30 AM was an ideal time because I probably could have benefited from a little more R& R time in my own bed before starting a super, duper long day of exhaustion. I might not have slept well the night before the induction but, I slept better then than I have since little Miss Daisy joined us (not surprising:)

-Joey was awesome! He blogged better than I could have imagined and I'm sure you would all agree:). The videos were all his idea and I'm so glad he took them and posted a couple because they are such a treat to look back on now. Joey stayed quiet and calm all day for me (that is how I cope best with pain and fatigue) even though the day was super long for both of us and I'm sure he was feeling antsy. He brought his Ipod and we listened to worship music and Enya quietly in the background all day long. That was wonderful! He got me anything I needed when I needed it and was there to wait on me hand and foot. I have never seen Joey as concerned and upset as he was when I was suffering through labor without pain relief. He says that was the roughest part of the day for him because he felt so helpless the entire time. I feel very blessed to have such a rockin' hubby!

-We were blessed with lots of visitors. Thank you to everyone who stopped by as well as to those who couldn't come by but, sent us encouraging text messages and phone messages throughout our stay. You were all there in spirit!! Joey's mom, Sister, Aunt and two Uncles and Great Grandparents were first on the scene. Our neighbor friends and folks from church visited as well as the other 3 families who had their babies recently (I like to call us the 4 pack:). Thanks everyone!

-I will never make my self suffer through a bad epidural again!! I suffered long and in silence because I was afraid to sound like I wasn't tough enough or like I was complaining. If contractions were centralized in a left leg or a left booty I would have had an amazing labor but, I could feel everything else 100% and I shook intensely through every contraction honestly more out of pain than the epidural effects. Finally, a bit after 5:30 PM or so, I broke down and began sobbing when Joey leaned down and asked me how I was doing. So glad I have a hubby that helps me to stand up for myself! The next time the nurse walked in to check me, Joey and I both told her that I was in excrutiating pain and that the epidural hadn't been working right from the get go. She noticed that I was really flushed, red and hot, so she also checked my cervix and at this point I was already dilated past 8. They hadn't checked me in a couple of hours so she seemed very surprised that I had progressed that much. She immediately upped my epidural considerably and within 20 minutes I was no longer able to feel the contractions (I was in HEAVEN!!) and all I wanted to do was sleep...but, then just like that at a bit after 6 it was time to push. I was having dizzy spells and seeing stars from the intensity of the epidural, exhaustion combined with pushing but, the nurses and doctor's were fantastic and encouraged me kindly and patiently through the entire pushing process. Seriously, they were amazing coaches and made the super long, painful day all worth it and kept me focused to the very end. Joey held up my left leg up for me since I couldn't feel it (until 3 AM the next morning!) and was a wonderful, amazing support and encourager as well! He never got woozy and stayed very attentive to the process the entire time which surprised me. Way to go Joey!! :)

-I pushed for about an hour and a half but, that pace was perfect for me since I was sooooo tired at this point and also super drugged. The nurses were great about going slow to help minimize tearing and to give me the chance to rest between each set of pushes and I am so grateful to them for that. The hour and a half flew by to be honest. I know the epidural had a lot do with that but, I was so motivated by the fact that after 40 loonnnnggg weeks, our baby girl could be in my arms any minute! It felt surreal!

-I used a mirror to help encourage myself through the pushing phase and I am so glad that I did. I used to think that would be weird or gross but, all I cared about was seeing my little girl come out healthy and strong and the mirror gave me that motivation. As soon as I saw her coming through I had renewed strength and it gave me all the umph that I needed for the last handful of pushes.

-Pretty much immediately after her birth, they placed Daisy on my chest and immediately I felt a whole slew of over powering emotions race through me. I had felt so little of that emotion during my pregnancy mostly because of hormones but, also because it is hard for me to get excited about things until they staring me in the face (literally in this situation:). The second I saw my baby girl's beautiful body, heard her first gasp and cry for air, saw her helpless body...ohhhh, words cannot sum up that moment or those feelings. It was absolutely life changing all in one instant. I love her SO much!!! I know Joey was feeling the same thing because he was crying and shaking from his excitement. In one of the videos he filmed I can hear him crying in the background and it is priceless to me. Daisy loved had us hooked from the second we laid eyes on her!

All in all in spite of the unwarranted, horrific pain that I dealt with, the length of the laboring and the recovery that I am now going through...I would honestly choose labor over 40 weeks of unpleasant pregnancy. The 40 weeks of pregnancy were SO tough for me but, truth be all women say, I would do it again for the miracle of life.

I am definitely hurting today, probably more so than any day since I left the hospital. I haven't been very diligent about taking my pain meds so that could be why and I am not very good about relaxing or taking it easy. I'm working on taking better care of myself though it's just a learning process even for me.

Daisy updates

Daisy does not sleep at all at night but, I really can't complain because she is a wonderful baby. She just thinks that night time is from 3 to 10 PM....she is about to wake up as I am typing this at 9:50 PM. I have tried everything in the books to wake her during this time...undressing her, blowing in her face (gently of course), talking to her, taking her outside, letting the house be loud around her etc...but, she is in 100% coma mode. It is a work in progress and I know it will get much better in time. Don't get me wrong, I am SO wiped out but, it is all very worth it! I expected all these things thanks to friends who we have learned so much from, so nothing is really surprising me and though I am beyond exhausted at night when Daisy is wide awake and even more wiped out all day (hence why many of you haven't heard from me much yet..sorry about that:( I am loving and I mean LOVING every second I get to spend with Daisy. Even at 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. AM in the morning I can't get enough of talking to her, watching her cute little expressions change, kissing her feet and her soft cheeks and soaking up every moment of undisturbed time I get. Knowing that I have to go back to work in 7 short weeks is a great motivator for me to soak this time up like no other and I am doing just that. I am trying to become a better napper to get through this sleepless season, so if you don't hear back from my right away that is probably where I'm at. I love all your calls, text messages, FB messages and blog comments so please know that I will get back to you as soon as I get a free minute and look forward to catching up.

Daisy is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have seen many a pretty baby in my days but, to see one that is ours and that I get to stare at each and every day is such a treat:). lol. I see a lot of Joey but, also a bit of me in her so it will be hard to tell who she will look more like until she gets a bit older. Joey loves cuddling with Daisy, has changed more diapers than I have and loves kissing her face all over. I love seeing how she turns her head when she hears his or my voice in a room:). Daisy does not like having her diaper changed at this point and that is one time we can count on her getting fussy, granted I wouldn't like cold wipes on my bum either! We have remedied this by giving her a pacifier and it generally works well. I am a big fan of pacifiers for the record:). She is also a ravenous eater and has nursed like a pro since day one. I am so thankful that nursing has been going so well because I was actually expecting to have more difficulties in this area and I really to love the bonding time that nursing provides a mom and a baby. Things could still change but, Daisy came out of the womb sucking her fist so I'm hoping she keeps it up.

Daisy weighed 7 pounds 6.5 ounces at birth, was down to 7 pounds 1 ounce when we left the hospital and today at her "one" week appointment she was already back up to 7 pounds 7 ounces!!! Yeah!! Way to go Daisy:) Everything else went great at Daisy's checkup. She is healthy and progressing just as she should so all praise to Jesus for that! She pooped on our way to the appointment and while Joey was changing her diaper in the waiting room, Daisy peed everywhere...I mean everywhere. It was pretty funny. :-) She was well fed at the start of the checkup so she didn't cry at all and was such a champ while the Dr. poked and prodded at her. I was one proud mama! Oh, and filling out Daisy's paperwork as her "mom" for the first time was so weird! I know I am Daisy's mom but, my hand seems to disagree. I'm sure this will only take another form or two but, for now it is still sinking in that this little girl is ours at the end and start of everyday:). What a treat!

After Daisy's checkup today (4-3-2010) Joey and I decided to head over to Wal-Mart for our first official outing. I needed to get Daisy some more hand covers and a few other little things. First we ate at Subway in Wal-Mart and Daisy started to get fussy just as we sat down with our sandwiches (how are babies so smart?). I took her out of her car seat and we took turns holding her so we could finish eating. I held her the rest of the time while we walked around Wal-Mart and she was as happy as could be. So was I to be honest;). It was wonderful to get out on a warm North Carolina day and soak up the Spring beauty with my hubby and our new baby.

Sorry that this was so long but, since I haven't gotten to talk to many of you yet I thought this might be a nice way to at least stay somewhat informed on how things are going down over yonder. To be continued....:)


  1. Hey Casey and Joey, this is Abby Lenz :) I loved reading your epic adventure of delivery, I cried while reading it, it is truly beautiful. Daisy Love is going to love having you both as parents, and I'm so happy for all three of you. I'm so excited for you guys!!! I love you're idea of posting the whole pregnancy and delivery on a blog. It surely is a great idea :) Well once again I send ALL of my love and prayers, and I must say, when Becca told me her name was Daisy Love, my heart warmed up!!! (Becca and I talked about it on the beach on Friday, it was a great spot to hear the news just a little delayed.) A beautiful name for a truly beautiful baby girl!!!

  2. Oh there is nothing wrong with the long notes Casey. It is lovely to read them. It just feels like we know so much about. Like we live next door and enjoy the time with each other. :0) You will have one amazing baby books for them when or if you get a book like you did of all your blogs. Your children will love them. And they will be around and passed down so it will never die of the great blogs you have put. Technology just says it all now. Daisy is so very lucky to have both parents so wonderful. All the pictures are so wonderful too.

  3. So this says it was posted on the 4th, but I swear I have been checking it so diligently! I am so glad to have more pics! You look great Casey despite what you may think, your glow is still there and you look so in love! So sorry that your epidural didn't work like it should have, isn't it great we get to go through it once so we know what we want next time? HA! You are a trooper and did a great job though. Glad the mirror worked:-) I love what you said about filling out paperwork...I do remember doing that and it kinda taking on a whole new meaning, just being in complete control and charge of someone else! What a great memory you have! Hopefully she will get her days back on track and you guys can get more sleep! She is perfect though! Thanks for the updates!

  4. Casey, I have been faithfully checking this blog EVERY day in hope of an update...and here it is. =) That BEAUTIFUL baby is my own niece. And that beautiful lady is my sister. Oh...can't forget Joey. That handsome man is my brother-in-law. (there we go) I love two (I mean three) sooo much.

  5. Thanks for the update...I have been going crazy over here, trying to be patient, knowing you're getting my texts but you're busy (been there), but still checking the blog every hour, asking everyone else if they've heard from you, lol. I'm sorry that Daisy isn't sleeping at night, but soooo glad that nursing is going well for you!!! Sleep is overrated, but a baby that will eat (and nurse) is a blessing :) I can't wait to see you, we're bringing you dinner on Sunday and that feels like forever away. Praying and thinking about all 3 of you constantly!

  6. I'm so glad you are soaking it up! You are in heaven and us moms can totally understand how much you need to cherish these moments! I loved reading this post. It made me cry. Very well written! I am SO glad nursing is going well for you!!! A serious blessing that is!! I feel for you with the sleep deprivation too. I know it is so hard to rest when there is so much to do and you would rather stare at your baby. I'm glad you are getting lots of help! Well, I don't want to take too much of your time but just wanted to say congrats again and she is truly BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share this all with us. I really am so happy that Daisy is a good eater and that feeding is going so well. One less thing to worry about, right? :-) And I'm glad you posted pictures of really do look great. And seriously, Daisy is so stinkin cute!!! She is absolutely perfect!

  8. Aw Casey, thank you for such a long update... you know that is what all of us faithful blog followers were longing for:) AND the pics of you in the hospital are beautiful- it is the moment that made you a Mother forever and that is something to cherish. Can't wait till the next post... or to talk if you have time:) Love, Melissa

  9. i loved this post! it flooded my brain w/ so many sweet memories of liam's arrival! you will be SO happy you put up your hospital pics so that in a yea when yr body is all back to normal youll say "WOW! look how far we've come!" its so fun. i hope you are able to turn her sleep schedule around soon. i will b there in a week so if you ever feel like you're about to loop it from random stress/exhaustion just call me! even if it's 2am ill come over asnd give you a break! my mom did that for us it was priceless. well, enjoy!!!~ jenalyn

  10. I am so happy for you guys to be blessed with such a beautiful doll. Love you guys! Cant wait to see more pictures of her and hopefully meet her when you guys make a trip out.

  11. Thanks for this post!!! I love hearing about the whole experience and am so happy for the two of you! She is absolutely beautiful and I think you were too (even though you probably won't believe that!)


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