Saturday, April 17, 2010

Joey Takes 1st Place

Joey entered a fishing tournament with his Granddad a weekend back. The weather was amazing for fishing and Joey and his Granddad had a rocking day on the lake from the sound of it. They both caught a ton of fish and together they placed first out of over 24 anglers!! Joey kept telling me when he got home that it was one of the funnest fishing days he had ever had. I'm so proud of them and so happy that they had a good time! Join with me in congratulating Joey and his Granddad on their success:).


  1. I haven't posted a comment since Daisy was born! Bad mommy! Congratulations Joey and Bud! 1st place! That's awesome! One great day of fishing can make up for a whole lot of bad ones I bet. Great pictures! Love ya, mom (Lynne)

  2. Casey, funnest isn't a word. I'm sure it was the MOST FUN he's ever had though. =) I'm glad for him, and the pigs of him and his granddad are really sweet.

  3. Nice fish Joe! The weather has been nice enough up here to start catching fish, Danielle even caught a 2 lb. bass.


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