Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just to Give Y'all Something to Look At :-)

Hanging out with my Princess
This is what Daisy looks like quite often these days but I can usually calm her down thankfully
I think the headband is a bit too big for Daisy's tiny head but it was worth a try:)
These pics were intended for yesterday as they are actually Daisy's 3 week old pictures but, I didn't get them uploaded in time. We have been having some fussy days with Daisy the past few days but, I know it is largely due to her being gassy so we are beginning the process of trial and error to figure out what we can do to help her. We are trying soy formula instead of regular (I still supplement a little) and we just bought some gas drops tonight. We also are trying to burp Daisy much more often and she seems to like that a lot. Regardless of Daisy's fussiness and her trouble sleeping at night I truly adore this little girl and I marvel at how much she changes each day! She is vibrant and beautiful and every inch of her reminds me of the great and miraculous God I live for. What an artist He is! Thank you Jesus for our little Daisy:-)

Joey was a doll and did his first big/ solo grocery shopping trip today for me since we've been home with Daisy. I have to say that it was like Christmas when he came home. He got all the things on my little list and so many other yummy goodies that I never allow myself to buy. lol Now I know what guys feel like when we ladies stock up our empty cupboards for them. It's exciting!! I think Joey has just set himself up for misery though, because now that I've seen what a great job he can do, I think I will just send him out all the time from now on. Did I mention that Joey loathes grocery shopping?? hahaha


  1. my friend Shane puts her gassy baby boy in his car seat during the day, when she can't hold he isn't laying down...which seems to help him

  2. she is just SO gorgeous! She looks a LOT like Joey in the last picture :)! I just love you little Daisy Love!!

  3. I'm so glad you put up new pics all of the time! It's so amazing to see her change! What a little cutie. Perfect angel! I see Joey in the second picture. Wow, Joey hasn't grocery shopped alone this whole time...he's spoiled:)! What a sweet little wifey you are! I hate grocery shopping too, but Rich comes home with too much junk when he goes, so I have to do most of it. I hope you are feeling better from the mastitis! I hope you find a fix for Daisy's tummy too!

  4. What a beautiful princess you have on your hands! I can't get over how cute she is! I CAN NOT wait to get my hands on her! I won't give her back!


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