Saturday, April 17, 2010

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I know that everyone loves baby pictures...including myself and fortunately since I love taking pictures I think you will be seeing lots and lots of Daisy on this blog:).

Last night (our Friday night date night) Joey and I dared to venture out with Daisy to try and get a date night / birthday outing make up night. Daisy was an angel and blessed us with 3 solid hours of peace and a great time. We went to Target and I got a couple birthday presents (yeah:), to Lowe's, Payless Shoes and then we ate outside at Five Guys and had the most wonderful time soaking up the evening together! Thank you Daisy for spoiling us:). I was telling Joey on the drive home that as lame as it sounds after a few hours of not holding Daisy even if she has been with me the entire time I am itching to hold her and have her close to me. I just LOVE her so much and love talking to her and smelling her baby smell. Mmmmm...It's wonderful, (exhausting) but, wonderful being a mommy!

Still continuing to work on the whole days and nights sleeping thing with Daisy and I do sense that every day a little more progress is made. It seems that Daisy gets in bed mode between 8:30 and 9 PM and generally she will sleep 2 to 3 hours before waking up around 11 give or take to eat (which takes about an hour each time) and then I go to bed and she continues to have 2 to 3 hour sleep spurts throughout the night. I usually have to get up with her around 1:30-3 AM again between 4-5 AM and then Daisy is usually up for the morning around 6-7:30 AM but, I have been able to get her to take one last little nap on the couch with me until around 8 AM or so which has been so helpful. Boy those early morning feedings are rough but, somehow I'm getting by on the little amounts of broken sleep and somehow I'm getting through my days even when her naps are super short. All praise to Jesus!

We have had a couple really great days with Daisy today and yesterday. She wasn't fussy at all and really was a little doll baby. I don't know if they were just lucky days or if Daisy is just figuring things out and getting more relaxed but, it was nice to have an easy baby for a change:0. She still HATES diaper changes and is only okay with them if she is well fed beforehand. lol. She does have pretty bad diaper rash though so I really can't blame her for hating the experience:(. We are also learning the different cries that Daisy has and it does seem that often her crying is a result of her being in pain and we think it is from gas so we have been working on that with her too.

Well, Daisy is trying to konk out on the couch next to me so I think I'm going to try and join her. Hope you are all having a blessed weekend! xoxo

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