Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Four Pack

I can't believe that all four of us gals have had our babies and that we are no longer pregnant but, parents now! The bottom picture was taken on my first outing alone with Daisy (aside from a doctor's appointment). I met up with Lindsay and her baby girl Lila (closest to front), Jennifer and her baby girl Raelyn and Lindsey and her baby boy Sam and we ate at Five Guys and chatted for a while. I know it trips people out when all 4 of us meet up in public because very rarely do you see four infant babies all together at one time. Some people have asked if the kids are twins or triplets because they have needed an explanation for the quantity evidently but, we just tell them nope, we just all happened to have our first children around the same time. lol. The top picture was taken this past Sunday April 25th which was our first time getting out to church since having Daisy. She did really well overall. She got through a good 30 plus minutes of the sermon and then started fussing a little so I had to take her out but, she did great the entire rest of the morning. It is such a blessing to have these other mamas in my life. Not only did we get to weather the ups and downs of pregnancy together but, now we get to bounce parenting tips and sleeping techniques off of each other. It's such a treat! I can definitely see these 4 kiddos growing to be very good friends in the years to follow:-)


  1. This is SOOOO cool! And so cute!

  2. that is so special to have friends at the exact same spot in your growing family! You look great Casey!


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