Friday, April 23, 2010

True Dodger Blue Baby

Shaking her fist for her home team:)

Joey's boss, Kristie spoiled Daisy with a little Dodger onesie this week and it is sooo cute! Thank you!!! I think I was more excited than Daisy but, she will be too in 10 years when she is a die hard Dodger fan like her mama. The Dodgers have had their share of lousy years but, I'm no fair weather fan. I stick by the boys in blue and even though I now hail from NC, my favorite Baseball team will always be the Los Angeles Dodgers:).

In regards to the hand mittens that Daisy appears to be wearing 24/7, I do take them off as often as I can but, Daisy is very rough with her face. The last few times I took the mits off Daisy gouged herself in the eye a dozen times (and cried) pulled a big chunk of her own hair nearly out (and cried) and decorated her face with lots of puffy, red scratches. I'm hoping she will calm her hands down a little and then I will set them free for good:)

Some of you have asked how Dakota is handling this transition. Uh, so so I guess. We tend to keep her outside if the weather is nice during the day so she isn't getting into Daisy's things or making the day more stressful than it needs to be. She is very curious about Daisy of course but, we don't allow her to be near Daisy too much because she licks her face and head obsessively and sometimes a little too rough. I can tell that Dakota is having attention withdrawals and may be a bit puppy depressed even though we still try to give her as much attention as before. Dakota is just a diva doggie and is use to being the center of the universe. Now she is slightly off center in the universe but, still she is one spoiled pup:). I can't leave any of Daisy's blankets, pacifiers, toys, clothes etc. anywhere on the floor or Dakota will chew them into pieces. It's the Dachshund in her I guess. She's coming around though! I will get some pictures of her on here again really soon:).

Nothing new with Daisy and sleep..there is none. That sums it up:). I know a lot of people go through this with their new babies so I'm just riding it out as best as I can with so little energy and trying to enjoy the roses along the way. I look forward to the day that I post on here..."Daisy is sleeping 10 hours a night now!" Okay, well maybe that will never happen but, 7 hours would be nice someday:).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. In the same way I have new favorite pictures of Brayden ALL the time, I have come to realize I feel the same way about Daisy's photos! Every time you post, I say "ooo, that's my favorite now" I love all the pics you are taking, keep it up! The last one is my new fave, she is just SOOO girly!!!

  2. I agree with Laura about Daisy being so girly...she just looks so petite. :-) Emily was sitting with me as I was looking at these pictures and she smiled and squealed. I think a new set of bosom buddies is in our future. :-)

  3. Those pictures are awesome!!! I love the fist pumping! And I could just stare at her all day (I know I said that before). There is just something about a cute little newborn picture that makes me want to start talking to her. She is just fresh from heaven!

  4. Danny is threatening Jimmy with Daisy gloves, if Jimmy doesn't stop clawing at our carpet. LOL! So your baby girl is already becoming a trend setter!


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