Friday, May 15, 2009

This was supposed to be all couples pics..

But it turns out that I am not impressed with the angles my tripod offered us. I got annoyed very quickly that hot, muggy day in the Dominican Republic, so what was supposed to be lots of great couples shots, turned into solo shots. I guess better something than nothing I suppose.

Joey was great at taking pictures. I really think he and I would make a great husband and wife photography team! Maybe someday I guess:).


  1. aw! you guys are too cute! at least there are a couple couple's shots :)

  2. Good job Casey and Joey! I love the one of you in the blue boat Casey...great colors. And I also like the one of Joey in his GQ pose...tell him he's almost got the look down, he just needs to look a little more serious. :-)

  3. wow, i agree with lindsey... that shot of you next to the blue boat is great! You guys would make a good photography team!


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