Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Joey and I only got 4 pictures together on the entire trip. I'm bummed about that, but se la vi.
These boats can be found all over the beaches of Cabarete. I loved taking pictures of them.
Our Resort had about ten of these beds all over the lawn for us to relax on. Dreamy!
We are back in the wonderful U S of A! I gotta tell yah, taking a tropical vacation to another country is such a treat but, the fact of the matter is that Joey and I love our North Carolina home. We got in after midnight last night and the moment we drove up to our house we both felt a tremendous peace wash over us. Seeing our cute little yard, walking into our house that still smells new (I guess we have to go away for 9 days to notice the new smell:) and falling into our own deliciously comfortable bed was probably the best part of our vacation! lol. I have lots that I would love to share about our trip and a couple pretty pictures that I will post over the next several days, but at the moment, Joey is super sick (please pray that he gets well soon as he has to get right back to work) and I am 100% exhausted. Much more to follow I promise but for now, off I go to take a nap..zzzzzz.............


  1. I love the feeling of coming home. Vacations are wonderful, but there's really no place like home. :-) I'm glad you two had a wonderful trip and made it home safely. I'll be praying that Joey gets better and that you are able to get the rest you need. Take care my friend.

  2. love the boat picture!!! and that you had a great trip but are home and well. well, except for joey. :( hope he feels better soon!!!

  3. Glad to hear you guys are home safe and sound!!! Can't wait to see tons of pictures and I'm SO excited to see those waterfall pics!!


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