Tuesday, May 12, 2009

White Water Rafting - Jarabacoa

Us having a Blast!!!!
These are friends we spent a day with and rafted with. Two great couples from Manchester!
Joey and the other guys were dying from embarrassment once in their tight body suits
If you ever need a quick fix to feel sexy again, just pull on a spandex body suit! It's amazing!
The rafting was the highlight of our trip to the Dominican Republic. It was scary for me at first because I had no idea what to expect as I have never rafted before. The water was freaking cold to say the least...probably in the 50's and walking through it to get into our raft almost made me back out of doing it at all. I'm glad I didn't:)! The rapids were level 3 so they weren't too intense, but they were rough enough to keep our attention and our heart rates extremely high. haha. It was absolutely gorgeous in the mountains of Jarabacoa (pronounced Harabacoa). I couldn't take pictures because our camera is not water proof, but just take my word for it...it was GORGEOUS! The mountains on either side of us were lush and green with the plants and trees and every direction we looked just took our breath away. I wish I had more pictures to show for it! It was about 2 hours of rafting and at some points we had to stop because someone in one of the 6 other rafts in front of us had fallen out or lost a paddle. One guy in our raft got thrown out when we hit a rough patch. Joey tried extremely hard to push me out of the raft with the guide at one point..nice husband right, but luckily I had my foot stuck so tightly in the foot loop that I would have lost a foot before I fell in. The guide was such a nice guy who spoke a great deal of English and added a lot to the experience for Joey and I. God Bless him wherever he is! He had been in a head on motorcyle accident when a drunk driver hit him in a car years back. The guide now has two very large scars on his face and is lucky to have his life. He gave God the credit for the miracle that is his life. He said he has family in New York and hopes to come to the states someday. Almost all Dominicans think that New York is the United States. In other words, they don't understand that our country has so much more to offer than NY. Evidently there are over 500,000 Dominicans living in New York and Florida has the second largest population so the large city life is all the Dominicans here of when they talk about the US. We explained to our guide that North Carolina is where he should visit as it is pretty and quieter. Anyways, we can't wait to go again. Maybe somewhere in North CArolina. I highly recommend it!


  1. I am loving your detailed blogs about your trip and am SO glad you guys got to go! Rafting is now on our to do list :)! Cant wait for more updates! Call me when you have time to chat, I know you have a ton to catch up on from being gone for awhile! Let me know how Kota did while you guys were away, k? I was praying for her too :)!

  2. Love the rafting post!! Mark and I are planning to do a rafting trip on our trip in August - CAN'T WAIT! Glad that we get to experience a trip to the Dominican through your blog postings :) And I echo Laura...call me!...and you too Laura! I miss all you guys!!! :)

  3. What an awesome experience. I love the action shot with Joey sticking his tounge out.

  4. wow! you guys are adventurous! i would have been lounging at the pool :) but what great stories and photos!!!


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