Thursday, May 28, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Our first time playing Corn Hole at a Memorial Day BBQ with friends. Joey LOVED it!
I would explain the game but it would take too long..check it out online!
These two are on opposite teams with two other people 20 feet away from them
TA-DA!! The New 4 door 4X4 truck has finally arrived after a year long wait by Joey
WE drove over 9 hours to pick this sucker up in Virginia. Long day on Saturday!!
The old faithful Beast. We are hoping to sell it to someone tomorrow Lord willin'.
On Sunday we painted for about 12 hours. I've decided to paint over the gold little by little as the color is just not me and it never was what I expected to begin with. Here we have just done a coat of primer which took 5 hours. Next step was slopping on a soft beige. I don't have pictures of that yet but they will come eventually! I am much happier with the new color:). So yah, long, busy, tiring weekend to say the least but, we got TONS accomplished!


  1. Yeah!! Pictures of Joey's new truck!! I like it. I bet Joey's anxious to tow his boat with it. Corn hole looks like a fun game and I can't wait to see your new painted living room.


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