Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Wedding

We attended a wedding this past weekend for some friends who are in our bible study group, Miriam and Jeremiah. They are so cute together and it has been so fun to be a part of their relationship pretty much from the beginning. Their wedding was beautiful! They had the ceremony at a hotel in a huge white outdoor tent with chandeliers and sweeping toile hanging from the ceiling. We danced from around 8 until around 12 at night. We had a blast to say the least. Joey and I love dancing and lemme tell yah, I'm so glad we share that common interest!


  1. Oh, weddings can be so fun. I'm glad you and Joey both enjoy dancing. Brandon absolutly will not dance. He used to, but then one of his friends told him he dances like a chicken with two broken legs so now he refuses to dance. :-(

  2. i love that dress!!!! so summery and fun! you two are so cute! i love that you guys love to dance. i wish dave enjoyed it as much as i do... oh well you can't win 'em all :)


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