Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lesson Learned

I had the privilege of doing a family photo shoot for a family of 5 yesterday. They saw the add that I posted on Craigslist for free outdoor photography sessions (so I can build a portfolio) and they took a chance on me. I picked the site because I had wanted to take pictures there for quite some time because it offered so many different style settings. The area is a tall grassy lot with big trees, railroad tracks off to the side and a neat brick wall around the corner for some vintage style pictures. I took some time last week to practice on the areas that I would take pictures to make sure I had a good feel for the lighting and the best places to pose the family. I felt much more sure of myself after scoping the area out and so I set a time with the family for this past Saturday at 5PM. Joey and I got there early so I could set up and make sure I knew what I was doing. Well, isn't always like life to throw a wrench, a curve ball, or a BOMB in your nicely organized plan! The beautiful tall grasses that I was looking forward to taking pictures in were being mowed upon our arrival..literally mowed from 2 feet tall to 1 inch tall right before my eyes. No more cute yellow flowers, no more romantic breeze to billow through the grass, no more nuthin'! I sat that and watched the tractor as it plowed down my field of dreams and began to sweat and feel a little dry mouthed. Maybe only a photographer could relate to the situation that I found myself in but, let me just say that it basically makes things extremely difficult at the very last second when your setting has been destroyed. Thank God for a wonderful, encouraging, supportive husband! Joey was such a champ and he helped me to make the most of what I had been given. He posed for me in all of the spots again so I could retest the lighting and the backdrop now that the grass was gone. He spoke positive words into my heart and turned my attitude right side up again. We prayed together before the family arrived and God truly did help me to make the most of things after that and I felt his comforting presence all around me. Thank you Jesus! It was a really good lesson though for me. We can do all we can to try and make things smoother for ourselves in life and we can think that we will know how things will pan out but, they seldom ever play out like we hope. Even in the roughest of seasons when the curve balls really mess up our plans, it is so good to seek the Lord and his peace and his will! He will always pull you through so have faith! I'll share a couple pictures from the family shoot for fun but, if you want to see more of the pictures in the future...tune in to my photography blog at This family is absolutely adorable. The mom is 8 months pregnant and is as beautiful as ever! It was a real treat to take pictures for them! Joey LOVES his new truck and that is about the only update there:). We sold the old truck on Saturday and we both feel so relieved to have that out of the way. That's all for now!


  1. you know what??
    i love these pictures and if you hadn't said anything i never would have known that they were 'plan b'. but what a great attitude! and i think they are amazing! beautifully done! now i have to add your photography blog to my list! :)

  2. wow, thanks for sharing that story, so glad your hubby pulled you through! Yay Joey and definetely a big Yay God!!! Photos look GREAT!

  3. I checked out your photoblog and love the pictures, I left you a comment there! Go Casey, go!


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