Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ministry in the Dominican Republic

The School
A chicken crossing the road by the construction site near the school
Two super sweet boys that blessed me by saying viyo con dios as I left "go with God"
The sweet old lady who made some yummy plantanos for the staff
I absolutely love this picture of one of the students and the teacher
This is Miguel and Jennie's adorable son Diego. Jennie has been serving as a missionary in the Dominican Republic for over 8 years now. She and several other missionaries living there head up a private school for the local kids. Education is extremely poor in the Dominican and the literacy rate is very low. One of the best ways to improve the conditions for the people is to educate them and I think it is wonderful that Jennie and the other folks in the DR are devoting their time to this non-profit ministry. The average monthly income for Dominicans is $200 a month. Tuition at the private school is approximately $1.50 per month as that is all that most families can afford! If any of you feel it on your hearts to donate curriculum for ages 5-12 or money to help them stay on their feet, please contact me and I can get you in touch with Jennie. Joey and I were very blessed to be able to spend a day with Jennie and her son Diego. She showed us the school and introduced us to the other gals working there. We also got to eat some delicious plantanos and meet some of the kids. It was a day well spent to say the least. Thank you Jennie!

Diego was such a cutie pie!


  1. How wonderful that they are able to provide a good education for kids at a reasonable price. And what a little cutie Diego is...Love the curls.

  2. such awesome pictures of my nephew Diego! You should definitely send those to Jennie! So glad you were able to get together with her and see a bit of their ministry there.


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