Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...tomorrow right?

Okay, I lied. I had to post one more time to give a shout out to all the amazing mother's we know. Honestly, I don't know if Mother's day is today or tomorrow but it's the thought that counts right:). Mama Hart, Mama Martinez, Grandma Marshall, Grandma Martinez and Grandma Bailey, thank you all for being such amazing mamas to your kids and to your grandkids. We appreciate you all so much and are so thankful that we have you in our lives. I pray that God Blesses each of you and that you all have a lovely Mother's Day! We wish we could be there to tell you how much you mean to us in person. Just know that we love you, love you, love you! xoxoxo And to all the other mamas that I know, friends and other family mamas, Happy Mother's Day! You are all heroes in my book!

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  1. Casey,
    We need flight info. We know it is jet blue but the time joey told me to pick you up does not match with their schedule. Call Robin.


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