Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Weeks Old Today

Love my girl's yawns, giggles, squeals, smiles, toots and sneezes. All of her noises and facial expressions are such a crack up!
She's always sucking on that bottom lip:)
love Daisy's sort of serious expression in this picture with me. Wish I knew what goes on in that head of hers sometimes:0 What I do know is that she is so beautiful and precious to me!
Being a Silly Baby
I'll try to keep this post brief since I ramble on far to often in each of Daisy's weekly updates:-). I have no idea how much Daisy weighs or how long she is because she hasn't had an appointment since she was 3 weeks old which seems like a long time to go without a checkup! We have a 3 month check up in two weeks so I'll find those things out then and she will be getting several shots which I am dreading. We'll see how that all goes. I absolutely love Daisy's healthy chub and I have even come up with several endearing nick names for her; Chubby Bunny, Pork Chop, Chunky Monkey, love muffin, teddy bear, Cuddle Bug and Grandma Abby likes to call her fluffy because it sounds the nicest:). I could kiss her round, soft cheeks all day long and love those chunky legs!!

I'm beginning to realize that Daisy has separation anxiety quite a bit these days. It isn't usually a problem with babies this young but, the more I have read up on it it appears that really observant babies can become aware of a parent leaving them as early as two months. Daisy is 10 weeks old so she fits the bill. With separation anxiety babies get very nervous around foreign smells, faces and sounds and they can cry continuously for hours on end if exhaustion doesn't kick in first. My next child could be completely different as it is simply a personality thing but, fortunately they do outgrow it. It's just a matter of when. Daisy does really well with others for a little while but, then she hits this point where she just melts down and that is when I am the only one who can reason with her and calm her back down. She has been crying a ton with the nanny this week and it breaks my heart into itty bitty pieces because, I know it's not because she's hungry or tired, or gassy but, simply because she doesn't understand why I left and doesn't know if I'll come back and it stresses her out. The nanny really does try her best to calm Daisy and make her feel comfortable but, it doesn't work for some reason. In time, Lord willing! Oye, the life of a mommy:(

I came up with an idea for a cute photo shoot for Daisy finally. It might only be cute in my head but, I won't know unless I try so stay tuned for those fun pictures sometime soon.


  1. I love your baby girl. She is definitely one of those babies that has me melting every time I look at her. I'm so happy you are loving motherhood so much! It is the best gift in the world!! Can't wait to see the photo shoot!

  2. She is such a little cutie. I know I say that every time, but I just can't help's true. :-)


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