Sunday, June 27, 2010

Entertaining a 3 Month Old

Since the day we started changing Daisy's diapers on her changing dresser it has become one of her favorite places to chat with us and stare at herself and other objects in the mirror. She will squeal, kick, squirm, laugh, coo and smile for a really long time on her changing pad.
I started laying Daisy under her Einstein play mat when she was two weeks old. I would rattle the rattle hanging from the Octopus' arms for her everyday and now she smacks at the rattle by herself all the time and stares up at Teaki endlessly and loves it. We named the Octopus Teaki for fun:-)
You can't tell by this picture but, Daisy is laying in her crib under her mobile. She enjoys when I wind up her mobile over and over and over again. She will entertain herself for a good 15 to 20 minutes by listening to the mobile and watching it spin, looking at her ceiling fan and bright lights above her or just by staring at her colorful crib bumper. She squeals the loudest with excitement in her crib these days
Daisy doesn't love tummy time yet(hence all the drool of frustration), but I will say that during tummy time the other night Daisy happened to notice the TV was on and boy did she pull her head up super high and she proceeded to hold it that way for a good few minutes before she started drooling everywhere and getting upset. We're getting there!
Watching TV with her daddy...I only allow Daisy to watch a tiny bit of TV here and there. The primary reason is that I would rather entertain her with other things and challenge her motor skills more this point and because it just isn't necessary but, she sure enjoys watching anything on the TV, laptop, or even our cell phones if they have bright images flashing on them.
We often lay Daisy on a blanket on the living room floor and she entertains herself by looking at the things around her and at the ceiling light if it's on. She is quite content to lay alone by herself a little bit every day. I'm beginning to think Daisy might have inherited some of my temperament because she really likes her space, quiet time, and she seems to get overwhelmed by large crowds and too much this point anyway.
Daisy has never enjoyed being rocked or rocked to sleep but, every now and then if I let Daisy look at the light streaming in through the window, she will relax with me for a bit while I rock her and sing to her...granted, this activity only seems to work with me at this point.

Daisy loves this singing monkey! Thanks Elissa and Mike for sending it to Daisy! I used to get so annoyed by the loud tune (sorry) that it plays and it actually can get my ears ringing if I play it too close to my head but, Daisy just loves this thing and now so do I:)!! She loves swatting at the monkey and staring at the big black eyes. She always smiles really big when the music is playing. It's too cute:)! Also note the blanket draped over Daisy's arm. I picked up on the fact that she seems to take comfort in having something in her hand and by her face both when she is awake and when she is sleeping. I think I might have a Linus on my hands!

Other activities:

-Long walks around the neighborhood in her stroller

-Looking at anything bright and colorful such as her soft baby bible, a big bag of skittles (she liked crunching the plastic together too) lights, or any bright colored toy

-Of course being held is a top favorite activity!

-Eating. Daisy loves to eat and does not like to stop eating...can't you tell by her size:0 lol

-Attempting to stick her entire fist in her mouth is a new favorite pastime

-super short cat naps...about 30 minutes long (makes it impossible for me to get much done when she is asleep)

I learned pretty quickly that a baby often has to be taught how to enjoy something. Daisy didn't really gravitate towards specific things right off the bat but, with repetition and by making an effort to engage her, Daisy has grown to enjoy a variety of things. Hopefully we'll have the same luck with food someday!! hahah yah, right. :-)


  1. these pictures are too perfect! She is a beauty Casey and such a sweet looking baby...i would do anything to cuddle her and make her laugh! She is getting so big and so fun! LOVE IT!

  2. Cute pics!! Definitely saw a ton of Joey in her when she was first born but am seeing more and more of you as she is getting older!! :)

  3. She looks tiny to me. Cooper is over 20 lbs. But holy cow, I can't even stand her cutness any longer. I love her!

  4. she is such a little doll! i can't believe she is 3 months already. it's flying by huh?

  5. Your pictures are soo nice! do you take them on your own or have someone else?
    She looks like you could love on her all day long lol. Looking forward to reading your blogs

  6. HI EMily:) Thanks for stopping by! I do take the pics on my own with my old CAnon Rebel and a cheap 50 mm prime lens. I love photography and hope to someday get some newer/better equipment but, for now what I have works just fine:). Cameras do so much of the work for us now it's great:)!


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