Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slacking - In My Opinion

Joey was kind enough to get a couple of pics of mama and baby girl during bath time since I hand't gotten any yet. Daisy LOVES bath time and now splashes water (with her feet) all over the counter. I think the tub might be getting a tad too small for her already!
Would you believe that I haven't hardly taken a single picture of Daisy since I started working...well, I've taken a few but, that's it and that is SO unlike me. I guess I've gotten kind of bored of putting her in all of the same places for pictures and I've been trying to think of new things to try but, evidently my creativity has taken a leave of absence cuz I got nothin'! lol.

I read in the news that Coach John Wooden passed away a couple of days ago. The company I work for published a couple of books for Coach Wooden and I had the honor of meeting him at a book signing and even got a picture with him, which I hoped to find and scan for a post on the blog but, I've yet to locate it. Anyways, coach Wooden led the UCLA Bruins basketball team to more victories than any other coach in history...if I'm getting the facts right here. He was an extraordinary coach and has left an incredible legacy behind but, far more important than his athletic accolades was his consistent, steady faith all the days of his life. Guys like Coach Wooden are a rarity these days and I'm sure he will be missed by so many! I'm just so happy that after all his years of faithful service to the King of Kings, he is now dancing with the angels and sitting at the feet of Jesus free from any ache or pain and he is with his wife again:). Just wanted to give a shout out because he was an awesome man!

Joey had an uber productive day today. He pulled everything (literally everything) out of our garage, power washed the floor and then slowly went through everything. He threw lots of stuff away and reorganized everything and it looks amazing and tidy now. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to organization and keeping things neat so I couldn't be more proud of my guy! :-)

I promise I will get some new and wonderful pictures of Daisy this week for her 10 week photo shoot:). Yikes, 10 weeks!! Eek.

Wish me luck...or better yet thanks for those prayers. Tomorrow is another long work week so let's hope it's a smoother road this time.

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